A Q&A Guide to Washing Your Car

Blog | May 26, 2021

Washing Your Car: Your Popular Questions Answered

Are you looking for the best and most efficient way to clean your car, but aren’t sure where to start? The car wash professionals at Cobblestone are here to help. From information on our locations to finding which car wash best suits your needs, we’re answering our customer’s most commonly asked questions in this car wash guide:

  • What’s the difference between an express and a full service car wash? Our full service car wash revives your car from top to bottom with a hands-on cleaning approach by trained professionals. As the best option for washing your car, full service washes include interior vacuuming, window wiping and attention to the wheels, doors, the dashboard and console for a pristine look. For those on-the-go, our express washes are a speedy and cost-efficient way to take care of your vehicle. All express customers have access to our powerful handheld vacuums, trash bags and soft microfiber towels.
  • When should I visit the dealership vs. using a car wash service center? If you’re looking for routine car services like an oil change, our expert technicians are well equipped to take care of your vehicle at a lower out of pocket cost. You should plan to visit the dealership when your car is experiencing a more complex repair issue.
  • How long will my car battery last in Arizona? With our hot summer temperatures, your car battery life in Arizona sits at about two to three years. Stop by one of our service locations for an oil change and we’ll assess your car battery as part of our 18 point inspection process.
  • What’s the difference between a tunnel vs. touchless car wash? A touchless car wash relies heavily on intense water pressure to remove stubborn stains. They typically use harsh chemicals to help break down filth, which makes your vehicle’s paint prone to dry out or dull over time. Meanwhile, a tunnel car wash protects your vehicle’s paint with our Neoglide tunnel materials, paint-safe detergents, waxes and coatings to help combat dirt, grime and calcium water buildup.
  • Should I be concerned about tire damage in the tunnel wash? We’re consistently investing in and updating our facilities with the latest technology to ensure safe, high-performance car washes for our customers. Our automation software utilizes vehicle profile detector (VPD) to map out a sonar image of your car so the tunnel wash machines will safely and seamlessly clean your vehicle. At most of our locations, your car is also lifted onto the conveyer belt without connections that touch your wheels.
  • What are the benefits of an unlimited car wash plan? Our unlimited car wash options are suitable for any budget. If you find yourself washing your car at least two times per month, your unlimited plan will pay for itself! Embrace summer road trip season with an unlimited wash plan that allows you to wash your car and hit the road without worry of bug splatter, weather changes or eating snacks inside your vehicle.
  • What detail services are available? Our exterior detail service removes dirt, bird droppings, bugs and other contaminants from the paint surface before polishing and applying one of our many levels of protectant. You may choose our Ceramic Sport Coating which protects your vehicle for up to 12 months, or our Diamond Plate Ceramic Coating that protects for up to five years and includes a manufacturer’s warranty. With an interior car detailing service, we’ll remove tough carpet stains with our shampoo process, clean the vinyl or leather portions of the vehicle and apply fabric protection. Our treatments for detail services cater to the needs of your vehicle.
  • How often should I wax or seal my car? The most common car wax is Carnauba, which provides protection to your car’s exterior for three to six weeks. If you want a more durable and long-term layer of protection, look to ceramic coating. This nano-polymer substance acts as a shield for your car’s paint, protecting it from UV rays, bird poop and acidic rain. You’ll feel like showing off your car with the added gloss and shine from a ceramic coating while enjoying reliable preservation for up to 60 days on average.
  • Describe the COVID-19 safety precautions you’re taking. We’ve modified our safety guidelines to keep our customers and employees safe, and we continue to evolve our internal policy and procedures to keep up with relaxed government mandates, and outdoor temperatures. As changes are made, employee hygiene and health will still be taken into account prior to their work shift. Our team members will continue to regularly clean and disinfect our facilities, as appropriate. Additionally, unlimited plan members can enjoy contactless payment service right from the barcode on their windshield. We’re dedicated to our safety-first process.
  • How many locations do you have? Cobblestone continues to expand our locations in both Arizona and Colorado! There are 35 full service and express car wash locations open across the Phoenix metro area, with 11 more coming soon. In Denver we are currently operating 18 locations with many more in development. Watch this space for future updates about new locations to wash your car.
  • Why choose Cobblestone? We provide high-quality service in a timely and efficient manner. Open since 1997, we bring extensive experience to the car wash industry. Not only are our services and storefront products provided at competitive prices, but we’re passionate about serving our customers to the highest degree. We also value our dedicated team members and provide competitive pay and future growth opportunities to all employees.

Do you have a question for one of our team members? Stop by any of our locations or share with us in the comments below!

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