Express vs. Full Service Car Wash: What’s the Difference?

Car Care | Oct 6, 2020

When choosing a car wash, it’s important to consider several factors in order to select what type of car wash that is best. For example, do you wash your car often? Have you waxed your car recently? Are you a solo traveler with a strict no-food-in-the-car policy or do you consistently have snacks, kids or pets roaming around in the backseat?

At Cobblestone, we strive to provide the best experience to our customers by offering a variety of options for routine car care. Here are the key insights to what you can expect with our full service car wash and express car wash options.

What can I expect from a full service car wash?

  • Vehicle revival. With services including interior vacuuming, window wiping and—of course—a pristine exterior wash, Cobblestone’s full service car wash revives your vehicle from top to bottom. Your car’s wheels, doors, console and dash will be sparkling clean while the high-pressure air guns keep water spots away by forcing water out of the crevices on the exterior, leading to a perfect glossy look. You can even choose additional car wash services like tire shine and air freshener.
  • Quality care. You’ll experience a more hands-on and quality cleaning service for your vehicle. Our employees are trained professionals who have the tools to get the job done right. They put into place their knowledge of how to effectively care for your vehicle in a timely manner. With final review checks in place for every car wash, your satisfaction is guaranteed.
  • Convenience. The full service car wash takes approximately 18-25 minutes and serves as a quick and effective means to invigorate your vehicle. Relax in our indoor or outdoor waiting areas while your car is being pampered. We recommend two washes per month to keep junk buildup at bay. With unlimited and fast pass member options, a full service car wash can fit your busy schedule.
  • Safety-first mentality. Our team members wear face masks and are conscious of our customer’s preferences especially with a full service car wash. Our technicians wipe down common touchpoints such as the steering wheel, arm rests, handles and keys with sanitizing wipes before returning your vehicle back to you.
  • Best option for routine car care.  Remember, a full service car wash is different from a thorough (and more expensive) car detailing service. While full service washes are comprehensive, old fabric stains and caked cupholders are likely to remain. This distinction is important because it means full service washes mitigate the need for frequent detailing and are ideal for routine cleaning.

Meanwhile, the benefits of an express car wash include:

  • Time efficiency. On the go? Express is your best bet. Zoom through the tunnel in a matter of minutes and then be on your way. Don’t sweat the time while enhancing your vehicle with immaculate cleaning solvents. Planning on frequent visits? Consider value-priced unlimited car wash plans and cruise through the tunnel anytime you want!
  • Tunnel technology. Our automation software is advanced. The vehicle profile detector (VPD) maps out a sonar image of your car so the machines can accurately clean your vehicle safely without any worry of damage to your car. The tunnel wash also lifts your vehicle onto a conveyer belt to assure that nothing touches your wheels.
  • Perfection to your standards. Express car washes are ideal for someone who wants to clean their car on their own terms! Our tunnel wash uses reverse osmosis (RO) water along with Neo-Glide brushes, high-quality soap and waxing products to enhance shine and clean off dirt and bugs. You’ll receive free materials like a soft microfiber cloth to wipe away any straying water without a trace, along with access to our handheld vacuums to ensure you leave with your car looking exactly how you want it.
  • A fun (and safe) experience. It’s always fun to come to the car wash! Kids love rolling through the tunnel and watching the neon colored experience of cleaning your vehicle. Plus, an express wash is a safe, socially distanced activity!

Safety is a top priority at Cobblestone. We follow Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines to keep our customers and employees safe.

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