What is Ceramic Paint Coating for Cars Made Of and Why Do I Need It?

Car Care | Feb 14, 2020

Imagine you are heading out on a road trip. You go to pack up your car, truck or SUV and find it’s splattered with hard water spots, mud stains and a lack-luster shine. You are reminded once again that you need another car wash.

Isn’t there a solution to breaking this repetitive cycle with longer-lasting care?

Aside from routine washes, adding supplemental protection like ceramic car coating can help preserve your vehicle for the long term. What exactly is ceramic paint coating and why is it important?

What is ceramic coating for cars?
Ceramic car coating is made up of a nano-polymer substance that serves as a protective shield for your car’s paint. Essentially, the molecules in the automotive ceramic coating bond directly to the paint, sealing the topcoat on a microscopic level. This provides a stronger, more durable layer of protection for your car and one that lasts up to 60 days on average.

What are the benefits of ceramic paint coating for cars?

  • High-quality protection. Whether it’s UV rays, acidic rain or pesky pigeon poop, ceramic paint coating helps keep your vehicle’s paint from oxidizing, fading in luster or developing unsightly sun damage. Ceramic car coating is also resistant to high temperatures, making it a worthy investment for our Arizona residents.
  • Long-term care. Not only does this product last longer than the standard carnauba wax, but it doesn’t wear down with regular routine car washes. Ceramic paint coating acts like a hard shell and with the right application, this protective layer can last several months.
  • Intense shine. Did we mention the gloss? Show off your vehicle with that added shine and brilliance! Ceramic paint coating is a product that offers the looks and results that will have car aficionados swooning over their pristine vehicle.
  • Better results. Save thousands of dollars on future paint correction with this nano-ceramic polymer coating. This product doesn’t just sit on top of the paint, but the chemicals actually bond with the paint to provide reliable preservation.

Why should I use ceramic coating on my car?
Let’s face it, Arizona’s harsh weather is tough on vehicles. From monsoons and haboobs to an endless supply of sunshine, our vehicles experience significant wear and tear. Investing in a ceramic paint coating every two or three months can extend the life of your vehicle’s paint job and provide overall protection against the elements.

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