Everything You Need To Know About Oiling Your Car

Car Care | Aug 11, 2021

It finally happened: The service light is brightly illuminated on your car’s dashboard. It’s officially time for an oil change. But where do you begin? How often should you get your car’s oils changed? What type of oil does your car need? We’re sharing everything you need to know about oiling your car:

  • Is changing my car’s oil a priority? Your vehicle depends on fluid (the oil) to run key functions and operate properly. When the fluid drops below a certain level or becomes too dirty from the circulation, your car could begin to make extra noise, drop below its gas mileage efficiency or worse: stop functioning altogether!
  • Can I delay my oil change service? While it’s tempting to postpone routine car maintenance, it could potentially cause harm to your vehicle long-term. Avoid gunk buildup inside your engine and keep your car operating at its best by routinely changing the oil. Consider setting regular reminders to get your oil changed and complete other car maintenance tasks like changing the oil filter and checking transmission fluid, power steering fluid and engine coolant.
  • How often should I get an oil change? Each car is different, but we advise changing the oil every three months or 3,000 miles. Although full synthetic oil can go up to a year without a change, most vehicles make it to about 6,000 miles before the service light turns on. A few factors that play a role in how often you should change your oil include the make, model, year and up-to-date mileage of your vehicle.
  • What are the different types of car oil? Cobblestone offers full synthetic, synthetic blends and high mileage motor oils. The most important element is to use oil that is the right viscosity (weight) for your car’s engine. You can find the type of oil your car uses by referencing the manual or looking on your car’s oil cap. Additionally, our team will recommend the type of oil change that your car needs before the service work begins.

An oil change is a crucial component to routine car care. Here’s why you should get back in gear with Cobblestone’s oil change services:

  • Reliable maintenance inspection. With each full service oil change, we’ll perform an 18-point preventive maintenance inspection to provide you with an update on your vehicle’s condition. This includes a thorough list from checking your car’s battery, belts, air filters, windshield wiper blades, tire pressure levels—you name it. Additionally, we offer extra services based on the mileage interval of your car including flushing and refilling the transmission fluid and power steering fluid. At Cobblestone, your car is in good hands.
  • Convenience. Cobblestone operates on a first come, first serve basis. Avoid the hassle with walk-in availability and get back on the road quickly with no appointment necessary. Expect to spend an average of 30-45 minutes (including your car wash!) with our team’s time-efficient checklist and processes in place.
  • Manage your budget. Our technicians provide quality service at a lower out of pocket cost than competitors. Don’t expect an upsell or any unnecessary promotions like you may encounter at dealerships. We offer recommendations based upon manufacturers service interval. Additionally, receive a free full service car wash with the purchase of any full service oil change and leave your maintenance appointment with a sparkling clean vehicle.
  • Knowledgeable staff. Our friendly and efficient staff can address any questions you may have regarding your car’s oil needs. Whether your vehicle needs a certain type of oil or you need to show proof of service to your dealership or for insurance records, our team members will be sure to address your needs.
  • Plan for the future. Our digital wash books allow you to plan ahead for your vehicle’s future maintenance services. You can purchase a full service oil change book that includes buy four, get one free.  

If you’re looking for routine car maintenance services, Cobblestone’s expert technicians are ready to help. Visit Cobblestone.com for more information on our maintenance service options and locations.