The Benefits of a Monthly Car Wash Plan

People often wonder: Is an unlimited monthly car wash plan really worth it? Above and beyond, yes. We’re often asked by our customers what the most popular car wash is at Cobblestone — and the answer, by far, are the wash services we offer with monthly car wash memberships.

From top-notch service, expansive locations and flexible plans (no long-term commitments here!), the benefits of choosing an unlimited monthly car wash plan are endless:

  • Reliable service. Cobblestone provides timely, efficient and high-quality service. The perks of being an unlimited member include special upgrade offers, contactless service options and a members-only lane at the majority of our locations for faster service. Most importantly: our friendly and helpful staff offer unparalleled customer service!
  • Quality sites. We maintain our locations with the latest technology, offer up-to-date equipment like handheld vacuums and microfiber towels and provide you with a free trash bag for your car. Cobblestone has a lot to offer to help keep your vehicle in the best shape possible.
  • A variety of plans. What is the most popular car wash at Cobblestone? While our supreme full service car wash and the platinum express are the most popular options for car lovers, all of our plans are suitable for those who are looking for routine car care. The best part? Discounted upgrades! Whether you’re interested in just the basics or want to pull out all the stops — Cobblestone is the right choice for you.
  • Budget-friendly. Our unlimited car wash options are suitable for your budget. All of our unlimited plans across the board cost less than two car washes per month. So, if you frequent the car wash often, the unlimited plans pay for themselves!
  • Convenience. Let your car wash become part of your regular routine. Wash your car as often as you’d like without any regard of whether or not it will rain the next day. Take a road trip without concern of bug splatter or bird poop harming your paint in the long-term. Too many car washes are not bad for your car when you use the best products and have the expertise Cobblestone offers. With an unlimited plan, you can go straight to the wash without a second thought!
  • Safety-first mentality. Membership to our unlimited plans provides you with contactless service. A Cobblestone team member will simply place a RFID tag with a bar code on the inside of your windshield and we can scan it upon arrival without having to roll down your window for payment. Additionally, Cobblestone follows Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines to keep our customers and employees safe. We’re dedicated to our proactive and safety-first process.
  • Earn special offers. As an unlimited member, you can earn rewards points with each car wash, along with birthday specials and other deals.  
  • Key locations. Cobblestone currently operates 54 locations across two states, with 35 car wash locations in Phoenix, Arizona and 18 in Denver, Colorado. No matter if you want to cruise through the tunnel wash or spruce up your vehicle with a full service wash, you’ll have plenty of locations to choose from.
  • No contract. How do you cancel your Cobblestone unlimited plan? It’s simple. If you are an Arizona customer, visit us online and click manage my unlimited plan. If you’re a Colorado customer, you can fill out this form to put your plan on hold or cancel. We pride ourselves on making it easy for our customers to cancel their plan at any time with no contracts or hidden fees.

If you’re ready to make 2021 the year of the clean car, look no further than Cobblestone. Visit for more information on our car wash membership plans, prices and locations.