Car Exterior Detail Services

If you’re an Arizona resident, you’ve probably seen a lot of ugly, dirty vehicles out on the road. The way some people avoid going to the car wash, you’d think the experience was like getting a root canal! The truth is that a car wash and detail service is a fast, inexpensive, painless way to restore that brand-new sheen to your vehicle—at least if you come to one of Cobblestone Auto Spa’s locations. Our car exterior detail services can’t be matched.

Cobblestone’s detailing pros can provide a wide range of services that will rid your vehicle of unsightly blemishes and protect it against future damage. Order our paint sealant, carnauba wax, or complete wax and polish services to keep your car looking clean and fresh for months. Other car exterior cleaning services include wheel polish, contaminant removal, and clay service. No matter which option you choose, you can be certain that our team will give your car the loving attention that our customers have come to expect from us. So come on over to one of our Arizona locations—we’re in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Tempe, and several other towns throughout the state.

Detail Services Exterior

DIAMOND PLATEStarting at 600

  • Best protection
  • Heavy duty ceramic coating protectant
  • Includes exterior polish and heavy contaminant removal
  • Warranty backed by Simoniz – protects up to 2 years on vehicles 10 years or newer


  • Protects up to 8-10 months
  • Creates a brilliant high gloss finish that outlasts all other waxes with a unique blend of polymers and silicon


  • Protects up to 6 months
  • A multi-step process that removes light to medium contamination, blemishes and oxidation
  • Produces a high gloss finish


  • Protects up to 6 months
  • A ceramic quartz coating that creates a durable layer of protection with a glossy finish
  • Light contaminant removal – add $35


  • Heavy contaminant removal $100 & up
  • Headlights $150
  • Wheel polish $70

All prices are dependent on the size and/or condition of the vehicle, SUV’s, and vans add $20.

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