What Are the Different Types of Express Car Washes?

Car Care | Sep 30, 2021

In need of a car wash but short on time? An express car wash at an Arizona Cobblestone is your best bet. By offering a time-efficient and reliable wash (along with world-class service!), our team at Cobblestone is ready to clean and polish your vehicle in a flash. But with many different express options to choose from, what type of car wash should you select?

We’re breaking down the different types of car washes to help you find the right option for you and your vehicle:

  • Light wash ($7): There’s a saying in the car wash industry: Everything in the tunnel has a purpose. We’re not just slapping on soap or rinsing with water—we’ve curated a thoughtful process that includes the use of carefully balanced pH chemicals to yield the highest result for the best rinse, wash and shiny dry. We’ve formulated our express car washes to target the dirt and grime on your vehicle while simultaneously protecting it against ultraviolet (UV) rays, dust, and acidic rain. We’ll remove the hard-to-wash grime while also preserving the life of your car’s paint. You’ll receive this quality service even with our entry-level car wash. The light wash includes a basic wash with our reverse osmosis (RO) water that removes harsh minerals and calcium to leave your car spot-free. 
  • Basic wash ($10): Our basic car wash includes bug remover—a key component to peeling “nature’s glue” off your car! Without this solution, it’s difficult to get these splattered critters off your car. The bug remover is made with specific enzymes that attack bug guts without any harsh acidity that would harm your car’s exterior. Next, we apply a tire and wheel cleaner that features two key chemicals to break down grime: an acid and an alkaline. The chemicals work together to remove dirt and oily substances that build up on wheels over time. The remnants are then blasted off with our high pressure cleaner, which also helps remove bird droppings and debris that often get stuck in the crevices of the trim and other hard-to-reach areas of your car.
  • Polish & Shine ($14): This is the first car wash package that dives into waxes, protectants and polishes. Our Rain-Away surface and glass protectant is a durable wax product that stays atop the surface of your car’s paint, in turn helping your car stay cleaner for longer. Dirt and water droplets will effortlessly glide off your vehicle when Rain-Away is coated on top! Next, our Triple Foam polish is a dual purpose product that acts as both a polish and an advanced cleaning agent great at breaking down stubborn dirt buildup or bird poop. Finally, the clear coat drying agent adds another layer of protection to help repel water beads from the tunnel wash for a polished dry.
  • Carnauba Wax ($16): We start our Carnauba Wax wash with our signature pre-soak foam bath. It’s the most aggressive (and effective!) cleaner to help prep your car for a perfect wash while providing the ultimate shine. Our infamous “blue soap,” the foam, will dwell on your car’s surface to help loosen up the dirt, grime and other contaminants in order to prep your vehicle for waxes and other products for long-lasting results. Next, we apply the carnauba wax. Once applied, it continues to build on top of itself. If you are a frequent Cobblestone customer or unlimited plan holder, you will see for yourself exactly how the carnauba wax adds layer upon layer of protection each time you coat it on your vehicle. It’s a win-win.
  • Platinum ($21): As our top-tier express car wash, this option includes the works with our thoughtful four-step platinum process. The Platinum Wash starts with a double foam bath to prep your car and then kicks it into full gear with the dynamic clean—a cleaning agent meant to compliment the wash by removing dirt, oil and grime. Next, we add our Diamond Bright product, which is a curing agent that shocks the paint with an ionizing reaction to prep the car perfectly for the ceramic wax. To summarize, it helps ensure a strong bond between the car and the wax for long-term results. Finally, we add the ceramic glaze, the ultimate wax and paint protectant that seals in protection from dirt, bug splatter, bird poop, grime and more. Additionally, it helps protect your car’s exterior for up to one month. Count us in!

Understanding key differences within our express car wash options means you’ll know exactly what to look for the next time you visit. Of course, our expert technicians will gladly answer any additional questions. Visit our website at Cobblestone.com for more information on express car washes and locations.