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Cars contain a number of components and parts that must be replaced every so often. If this isn’t done, the vehicle will eventually experience a reduction in functionality—or it may refuse to run altogether. With some of these components, their replacement can be safely delayed for a while, but an oil change must be performed on a fairly regular schedule. Oil is the lifeblood of your car or truck. If this fluid becomes excessively dirty or drops below an adequate level, your car could suffer serious harm.

Don’t delay your oil changes—come to Cobblestone Auto Spa and ask for our speedy, low-cost oil service. Our full-service oil change gives you a choice of quality motor oil: standard, high-mileage blend, and premium synthetic. We go far beyond simply replacing your oil, however. Cobblestone’s 18-point preventive maintenance program takes a look at your car’s vital fluids and components to ensure that everything is in good order. If something besides your oil needs to be replaced, our car maintenance service team can handle a variety of tasks from transmission flush to wiper fluid refill. We invite you to visit a Cobblestone location soon; you can find us in Phoenix, Tempe, Chandler and several other towns throughout the state of Arizona.

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Oil Change Information

Every car that moves on the road needs some oil. Oil is the fuel that allows the engine to run smoothly without the steel that built it wearing and tearing against each other because of the friction caused. Oil allows the pistons and the crankshaft to operate smoothly, therefore achieving maximum potential for the engine. Oil is not always permanent and therefore it necessitates that it is changed every once in a while if this maximum potential is to be achieved. Actually regular oil changes will definitely extend the life of a car and enhance its performance. Contaminants are regularly deposited on the engine thereby mixing with the oil; the sludge that results decreases the engine’s performance which over time can result in engine failure. That means that frequent oil changes are a very mandatory procedure for a car that can be said to be healthy. Many people know that they are supposed to have some oil change approximately every three months or after at least 3,000 kilometers but unfortunately only a few people know that they can do the oil change alone at home. This is a great way for people to get to save some pennies but also for someone to get to know and bond with their machines. It is imperative to know that before you begin the oil change, be sure that you have a planned method for disposing of your dirty oil. It is illegal to dispose of used motor oil improperly into the environment which can affect not only your environment but also other creature and life forms around. Most oil change locations will accept dirty oil for disposal free of charge where they recycle the oil for other useful purposes. One needs to find the right space to perform the oil change. Most of the time in garages there is a hollow tunnel where the process is supposed to be performed. You need the right container to collect the oil and also other new oil to replace the old one. When someone attempts to make an oil change they need to ensure that the engine has taken some rest for a few minutes before they can drain it. Draining the oil immediately after the engine runs will result in some oil residues not being drained well. The drain plug is usually located below the engine on the front. It is usually a nut that needs some spanner to unscrew. Once open one should let the oil drain for around thirty minutes before locking the nut again and then refilling the engine with the new oil. The oil filter should also be checked in order not to contaminate the new fresh oil with the previous residues.