How to Wash Salt Off Your Car

Blog | Nov 5, 2021

It’s officially snow season in the Centennial State! To all our Colorado customers, we know what that means. With the cold weather upon us comes the extra maintenance on our cars—from cranking up the heat, de-icing the windshield and managing the harmful effects from the salted roadways.

Magnesium chloride, a chemical solution used to combat the snow and ice, is salted on roads and highways throughout Denver. It’s commonly used during peak snow season from late October through the end of May. While magnesium chloride is helpful when melting the snow, this chemical is particularly harmful to vehicles and can cause salt damage to your car’s undercarriage. When left sitting on your car’s surface for extended periods of time, it can cause notable deterioration, especially to the frame, body panels, paint and wheels of your car.

It’s vital to protect your vehicle from long-term damage where possible. When it comes to washing road salt off your car, don’t get salty—get proactive. Here’s how we help treat it at Cobblestone:

  • Top-notch tunnel wash. Magnesium chloride will erode the metal beneath your car’s exterior if not washed off every two to three days. Our powerful tunnel washes will ensure the removal of salt from your car. While microfiber towels and high-powered vacuums are always available for customers, our tunnel wash makes it easy to stay bundled up inside your warm vehicle while you cruise through the wash to clean your car without having to step foot outside. Cobblestone also installed radiator heating under the concrete to prevent ice from building up at both the entrances and exits to help ensure customer safety.
  • Solutions for salt. Our signature pre-soak foam bath comes with our Carnauba Wax and Platinum washes. Paired with high pressure wheel blasts, this is the strongest cleaner to help prepare your car for the perfect wash. Our “blue soap” foam is formulated to attack and remove the magnesium chloride buildup off your car and will also help to loosen snow sludge, dirt and other contaminants. Additionally, the ceramic coating in our Platinum wash adds an extra layer of protection atop your vehicle each time it is applied, repelling icy rain and helping to increase visibility on the road.
  • Heaters on blast. Keep calm and stay warm! Our team at Cobblestone developed thorough tunnel wash technology that uses two types of heaters powered to warm both the inside of the tunnel wash and to keep the equipment warm and operating smoothly. High-speed doors open and close quickly to create a warm, cozy room clocking in at about 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The heated blowers are offered with our premium washes: Polish & Shine, Carnuba Wax and Platinum.
  • Reliable service. Yes, we’re open when it’s cold! While some of our competitors may be forced to close during snowfall or other freezing conditions, Cobblestone is open and here to provide support for our customers when they (and their cars!) need it most. Roll through the wash after a snowstorm to help keep salt off your car.
  • Unlimited membership options. In our extensive experience, we recommend going no longer than two or three days with magnesium chloride on your car before washing it off. Over time, the solution will erode the metals in the underbody of your car and can damage wheel wells. Our unlimited wash memberships will provide you with the most bang for your buck and allow you to wash, clean and dry your vehicle as often as you want to help keep its value as long as possible.

Keep your car in pristine condition during Colorado’s cold snowy months. With 10 car wash locations and growing across Denver, we’re open and available for service. Visit us online at for more information about our express car washes and locations.