The Value of Car Detailing: Why It’s Worth It

Car Detailing | Nov 6, 2019

It’s here: your Monday morning commute. You step into your car or SUV and your eyes are immediately drawn toward the stubborn soda stain on your passenger seat. As you reach down to place your coffee container in the cup holder, you spot food crumbs and dried coffee rings after months of this very same commute. It’s driving you crazy and you know it’s not something that can be cleaned with just a simple wash. It’s time for an exterior and interior car detail.

Car detailing services go beyond a standard wash-and-go. From the fabric steam cleaning to a console soak or exterior protectant, car detailing services at Cobblestone not only deep cleans your vehicle, but also disinfects your vehicle to help keep germs at bay and your car smelling fresher longer.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Superior paint protection. Sun, heat and dust can do a number on a car’s exterior paint. Cobblestone’s wax solution and paint correction can be a saving grace for a car that already has a few minor scratches or sun damage. Whether you want to buff up your used car or keep your new ride pristine, detailing offers preventative measures that extend the life of your vehicle’s paint and save you from a costly new paint job.
  • Full interior sanitation. Between the kids, pets, weekly carpools and snacks, it’s only a matter of time before your car starts to absorb these dingy odors, and stains become a permanent fixture. In addition to taking care of the exterior, the experts at Cobblestone can perform an extensive interior clean, disinfecting lingering germs and removing dust, dander and pet hair that builds up over time.
  • Pesky stain and odor removal. A full-service car wash will get your vehicle clean, however an interior car detailing goes much deeper. It remedies grimy car consoles, treats stained seats and removes lingering smells. At Cobblestone, the highest quality products are used, including top-of-the-line fabric shampoos that soak up grit and grime. By the time you’re ready to pick up your vehicle, you may not even recognize it!
  • The details are worth your time. The average car detailing service is about three hours. We know, that’s a time commitment. Between the kid’s soccer practice or a long week at the office, it’s easy to be convinced there’s no time for a car wash, let alone a car detail. However, Cobblestone is flexible and can accommodate you on a first come, first serve basis. Call ahead and see what your local Full Service Cobblestone location can do for you.

Remember, exterior and interior car detailing should be a part of your regular auto-care routine. You’ll feel proud every time you step in and out of your vehicle, and you’re bound to enjoy that morning commute a little bit more.

For more information on car detailing services and locations, find your nearest Cobblestone location or call us at (602) 788-9274.