Road Trip Recovery Essentials for Your Vehicle

Blog | Oct 11, 2016

After spending weeks or even months away from home on an extended road trip, your vehicle will be in need of some recovery TLC. While that layer of dust, dirt, and mud on the exterior might seem cool when first returning home to show off just how far you traveled, it can eventually cause damage to the car’s clear coat and paint.

The first thing you need to do is find a full service car wash near you and have your auto detailed. Rinsing away the dirt, mud, and dust, and getting a new coat of wax restores the exterior.

Next, have the oil and oil filter changed. Chances are you did not get the oil changed while you were away, and it is probably overdue. Not getting it changed can result in sludge clogging up the inner workings of the engine and leading to more costly repairs down the road.

Take the time to clean out the interior and remove all trash. Have the carpeting, floor mats, and upholstery vacuumed, and deep cleaned if necessary. You can include interior auto detailing service at the same time you get your car washed and waxed.

Review your owner’s manual and have all preventative maintenance completed that is due, like rotating the tires, inspecting the brake pads, verifying all fluids are filled, and so on. In addition, consider getting the cooling system flushed and filled if you did not get this service before you left.

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