Our Express Exterior Wash Plans Are Perfect for People in a Hurry

Blog | Oct 25, 2016

Cobblestone Auto Spa understands people have busy schedules and often put off visiting a hand wash car wash simply because they think it is going to take too long and take away too much time they need for other events, activities, and errands. Fortunately, we are pleased to offer several different “quick wash” plans that will keep your vehicle looking perfect and not take much time.

Basic Car Wash Plans

Our basic car wash plans get you in and out in a hurry at an affordable price. This service includes washing, rinsing, and drying your car to remove that Arizona dust, dirt, and debris.

Quicky’s Car Wash Special

For a few dollars more than our basic car wash plans, you get these additional services:

  • Rain-X Surface and Glass Protection
  • Free Air Freshener
  • Free Dash Towel
  • Double Foaming Soaps
  • Triple Foam Conditioner
  • Double Wheel Cleaner
  • Free Tire Shine
  • Double Spot-Free Rinse

 Hot Wax Express Plans

Our hot wash express plans include every service in our Quicky’s car wash special, plus 30-day wax protection using Simonize hot wax! Wax provides an added layer of protection from the hot Arizona sun, dust, dirt and debris.

Regardless of what car wash plan you select, our goal is to help you keep your car looking sharp, while getting you in and out quickly – perfect for people in a hurry. Please feel free to contact us at (602) 788-9274 to learn more about our express cash wash plans or for directions to your nearest Cobblestone Auto Spa location!