How to Properly Wash Tinted Car Windows…Leave it to the Cobblestone Auto Spa Experts!

Blog | Apr 25, 2017

It’s time for a car wash, but you have tinted windows. What do you do? I’ll … A) Take it to any car wash near me B) Wash the car myself C) Find a full service car wash near me that offers auto detailing.
Regardless of which you choose, it’s important that you understand how to wash tinted windows. If you don’t, you could make a very costly mistake as you’re looking for car washes. The Cobblestone Auto Spa experts provide professional car wash services to effectively keep your car in tip-top shape!

Choose Your Car Wash Tools Wisely

You’ll need:

1.    A bucket
2.    A cleaner
3.    Two microfiber cloths or one 2-sided cloth specifically designed for washing cars
4.    Water (distilled, if your water is hard to avoid residue)

This sounds simple enough. But some very common car cleaning products are off limits when you have tinted windows.

Ammonia, which would be fine on glass and some other surfaces, can destroy your tint. It may become splotchy and faded. Over time, it will become brittle and crack.

Don’t think your cleaning products have ammonia? Guess again. Even cleaners as seemingly harmless as Windex have ammonia. Check the label and choose your cleaning and auto detailing tools wisely. These cleaners can be used on the outside but never on the inside where the tint has been applied.

Tinting is also very prone to scratching and tearing. Only use a soft cloth like microfiber with very consistent and controlled pressure. Newspapers, scouring pads, paper towels and other abrasive cloths should be kept far away from your tint.

At Cobblestone Auto Spa, our professional car care specialists understand and apply the proper tools and techniques to safely wash tinted windows.

Need a Car Wash? Leave it to the Experts!

Do you normally wash your car in the driveway on a warm, sunny day? This isn’t best for your tint, especially in our Arizona heat. Your car should always be washed in a shaded area. This could be under a big tree in some parts of the country or in a carport or garage, if you can do so without getting all of your lawn equipment and tools soaked. The Cobblestone Auto Spa experts provides the best car wash service in the state of Arizona. Come on by for a car wash today!

When you wash your car, you’re racing against the clock. As you spray or apply cleaning agents, they begin to dry especially in arid climates like our own. If you’re parked in the sun, this accelerates the drying. As you’re applying, the cleaning agent is drying and the result will be:

  • Abrasive rubbing against surfaces that are not sufficiently moist
  • Using more cleaner than you should have to
  • Spots and water marks that make your job look incomplete

Never park your car under an evergreen, like a pine tree or palm tree, because these trees can drip sap onto your car, destroying the finish.

While the answer may seem to be washing your car at dawn or dusk, the dry air in our area can also affect how quickly products dry.

If your garage is not set up well for the sloshing and spraying of water and there are no large trees under which to park, your best bet may be to turn to Google and look up: hand car wash near me or car washes near me to find a car wash that is strategically designed to meet the demands of the local environment. But with Cobblestone Auto Spa, you’ve already found the perfect full service car wash. We have the proper facilities to get the job done right!

How to Wash Your Car’s Tinted Windows

Now that we’ve established some important do’s and don’ts, you’re ready to wash your tint. Here are the steps.

1.    Don’t be tempted to wash windows first outside or inside where the tint is. They should be done last. If you do them first, you’ll be washing them again after you wash the rest of your car because the slosh, run and splatter from cleaning the dash, doors and upholstery will undoubtedly re-dirty the windows.

2.    You can pre-treat spots that seem excessively dirty so that the fluid will have time to dissolve the dirt. But keep in mind the above section. You won’t be able to allow fluid to sit for very long in hot and arid climates unless you have the right space for the job.

3.    Spray on your tint-safe cleaner onto the tint. Avoid spraying cleaner right on the edges of the tint. The spray could get under the tint and cause it to pull away from the window. Instead, carefully clean the edges with a damp cloth.

4.    Wipe away the dirt, dust and prints with one soft, microfiber cloth. Use an up-down, side to side or circular motion, but be consistent.

5.    Dry the windows with a separate soft cloth. Wipe in even motions until the tint is dry.

6.    Visually inspect your windows to check for spots. If you missed anything, you may want to re-do that window.

7.    You’re done.

Getting Your Car Washed Right

When you buy tint to tackle these sunny days, you expect it to last. Washing tinted windows takes time and know-how. You need an auto detailer who can help your tinting last. The Professional car care specialists at Cobblestone Auto Spa have the tools, facilities, knowledge and technique to wash tint properly and help it last. Visit our locations page above to find a location near you today and we will be happy to wash your car the right way!