We Don’t Call It an ‘Express Exterior’ for Nothing! (Busy Life? No Problem!)

Blog | Apr 11, 2017

We get it: Life is busy, and washing your car tends to get pushed down the to-do list until it’s hovering right at the bottom. That’s when you notice those two little words from a stranger, swirling in the layer of dust on your back windshield, “Wash Me!” That’s when you finally break down and hurriedly ask, “Where is a car wash near me?”

The good news is that there is indeed a car wash near you, and the better news is that it really is an EXPRESS car wash. Cobblestone Auto Spa in Arizona knocks off the exterior dirt, dust and grime in minutes while you kick back and relax, call your buddies, check your emails or surf the net on your smartphone. Just choose the inexpensive Express Exterior Car Wash option, pay a low fee, and let someone else do the hard work for you.

Why Is Regular Cleaning Important?

Sure, you want a smooth and shiny ride, but did you know there are other very important reasons to keep your car clean throughout the year? The primary reason, and one that most people don’t stop to consider, is that dust, grime, sand or other small airborne particles can accumulate on a vehicle and gradually eat away at the exterior paint. This typically exposes the underlying sheet metal and allows dreaded rust to settle in. That’s going to cost you way more than a few car washes to remove, not counting potential costly damage to exposed vehicle components.

Even on seemingly dry days, tiny amounts of moisture in the air pick up all kinds of pollutants and then deposit them right onto your car. Exhaust from buses and big rigs, rubber dust from other vehicles, and debris from road work or construction sites can all wreak havoc on automobile paint. Fortunately, Cobblestone Auto Spa helps you prevent that.

How Does Express Exterior Service Work?

The Express Car Wash at Cobblestone works on any type of passenger vehicle, including cars, trucks, SUVs and vans, as well as on both electric and gasoline-powered automobiles. The basic service gives your car a full exterior carwash, rinse and dry at a very affordable price. Some locations even offer free vacuum and air for your tires.

Extra Add-On Services

Of course, if you have a bit of extra time, you can spring for a deeper clean or extra protection. For a few bucks more, the Quicky’s Special digs in with a deeper exterior clean and tosses in one of those handy dash towels and air fresheners at no charge. There’s also a quick option for adding wax protection from harmful UV rays, debris and road salt in the winter. The Hot Wax Express job is an add-on to the Quicky’s Special, which means you get the extra-deep clean in addition to a 30-day Simonize wax job.

If you live or work in the vicinity of the Cobblestone express wash locations in Laveen Village, Greenway or in Phoenix off 7THStreet, you never have to wonder again “Is there a drive through car wash near me?” There is! Spring for the Express Exterior version when you’re on the run, but consider scheduling a full-service car wash or even an interior car detailing on your lazy days off (or when you’re just playing hooky on the side).

So, stop Googling “car washes near me,” or trolling for the nearest car wash; just head straight over to a Cobblestone car washtoday. Life is short ­– drive clean!