New Car Wash Safety Concerns for Jeeps

Blog | Sep 11, 2016

Sudden acceleration problems in Jeep Grand Cherokees have been documented over the past 14 years, with several different incidents being reported by owners, highlighted on evening news channels, and being reported in newspapers and other online journals. Even certain newer models of Jeep Cherokees have been reported to have potential acceleration problems.

Automatic car wash owners are starting to have safety concerns about allowing Jeeps to be pulled through the car wash. The sudden acceleration problem can occur when the motor is left running and the vehicle is shifted into neutral in order to pull it through an automatic car wash. As the vehicle is moving down the wash line, there are have been several reported incidents where the vehicle accelerated suddenly and caused damage to other workers, and, in one case, even killed a car wash employee.

Some car washes have started turning away Jeep Cherokees, while others have developed new policies and procedures. Here at Cobblestone Auto Spa, to ensure the safety for our employees and our customers, we have made some recent policy changes in regards to Jeep vehicles.

No longer will we allow a Jeep Cherokee through our car wash tunnels unattended. The driver must remain in the vehicle to monitor it and respond should the vehicle attempt to accelerate on its own. For more information about our recent policy change, please feel free to stop by one of our locations, or call Cobblestone Auto Spa at (602) 788-9274.