Car Detailing and Washing Options for Jeep Cherokee Owners

Blog | Sep 11, 2016

With the recent changes in car wash policies, not just here at Cobblestone Auto Spa, but car washes nationwide, Jeep Cherokee owners are finding it difficult to keep their vehicles clean. However, there are several safe options for vehicle owners to consider to ensure their Jeep remains clean, without putting others at risk of the potential acceleration problem.

  1. Remain in the vehicle while it is being washed. This option is available at Cobblestone Auto Spa. Rather than allowing the vehicle to be pulled unattended through the wash, you remain inside as a precaution in case the vehicle attempts to shift on its own into drive.
  2. Shut the vehicle off after it is put into neutral. Another option to use at automatic car washes is shut the engine off after it has been pulled onto the track. With the engine off, the car’s computer cannot attempt to shift it into drive on its own. Once you reach the end of the wash track, you start the engine and safely pull it out of the car wash.
  3. Visit a hand wash car wash. Some full service car wash operations offer hand wash options for Cherokee owners. The vehicle is washed while it is parked and shut off.
  4. Have the exterior detailed. Detailing services help protect against blemishes and oxidation, while protecting the paint and keeping the vehicle looking cleaner longer in between washes. Depending on the level of detailing, protection can last from 6 to 12 months.

To learn more about safe washing options for your Jeep Cherokee, stop by your Cobblestone Auto Spa location today or call us at (602) 788-9274.