Tips on How to Run a Successful Fundraiser

Blog | Aug 25, 2016

The key to running a successful fundraiser is to take the time to carefully plan the event. Simply having an idea and going out to raise money will end in disaster without proper planning. In order to ensure your next event is a success, utilize these tips:

  1. Define the purpose of the event. People are going to ask why you are raising money, and you need to give them a solid answer.
  2. Set a goal. Determine exactly how much money you need to raise so everyone will know what to strive toward.
  3. Create a budget. Fundraisers cost money and time, so you need to know how much the event is going to cost, as this will offset the amount earned.
  4. Develop marketing to reach your target audience. Whether you are selling cookies or car wash coupons, you need to determine the audience you want to target and where you can best reach people.
  5. Talk to local business owners. Many local business owners will allow your group to set up a booth or table either inside or outside their storefront. Remember to thank them for their support.
  6. Thank everyone, even if they do not say “yes.” Thanking everyone you talk to is important for establishing rapport within the local community. Even if someone says “no” this time, it does not mean they might not say “yes” the next time.

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