How Exterior and Interior Car Detailing Can Increase the Value of Your Used Car

Car Care | Jan 13, 2022

Maintaining (and in some cases increasing!) the value of your vehicle has never been more important than it is today. With more people traveling on the roads, commuting to work or shuffling kids back to school—you’re likely to find spilled juice boxes, crushed crackers or coffee-stained consoles inside your car. Overall, more drivers are on-the-go, leading to a higher demand for car detailing services.

Add to that, many people are interested in taking care of their used cars in a new way. Considering the current supply chain issues limiting the production of vehicles, your used car has never been more valuable. Those who want to capitalize on this demand are considering reselling their used cars or are simply looking to maintain their value with car detailing services.

However, there’s a catch: Cars in this day and age are bigger, more complex, and have tough-to-reach nooks and crannies. Advanced technology features serve as an added difficulty with modern vehicles and often pose a potential liability when cleaning. Our advice: leave the car detailing to our Cobblestone pros!

So, what is the best way to maintain the value of your car? Enter our exterior and interior car detailing services. For those who are looking to sell or simply keep their current car in the best shape possible, we’re breaking down the benefits of our car detailing services:

Exterior Car Detailing

  • Exterior extravagance. Everyone wants their car to have a smooth and sparkling exterior shine. Investing in an exterior car detail truly impacts the value of a car. While a decent paint job averages five to ten thousand dollars, you can easily improve the value of your car with an exterior service that goes a long way.
  • Paint durability. The Diamond Plate is a ceramic coating that provides durable protection. It’s a semi-permanent protective and glossy coating that seals the paint’s finish for an average of five to seven years. The likes of bug guts, alkaline bird droppings and small scratches don’t have a chance against this tough coating! Our warranty for the ceramic coating lasts for two years.
  • Polish and protect. Our Paint Sealant package protects your car for about eight months and is a high gloss finish that outlasts other waxes. But that’s nothing compared to the Polish and Protect service, which utilizes a multi-step process to remove caked on dirt, tar and buffs out blemishes or color oxidation before we layer on the coating. Finally, for those who are looking for a quick turnaround service, the Ceramic Sport Coating is a lower cost yet efficient process which is better than wax but won’t necessarily improve any imperfections.
  • Headlight restoration. We’ve all watched the gimmicks and fancy “As Seen On TV” pastes offering to repair headlights. But at Cobblestone, we do it the right way. We implement a sanding process to remove a thin layer of oxidated plastic to expose new, cleaner plastic and then finish with a coating of protectant and polish for a refreshed look.
  • Reliability is key. While there are many mobile detailers to choose from, proceed with caution. Most are unreliable, not licensed and can easily disappear if the job doesn’t get done right. With numerous brick and mortar locations across the Valley, Cobblestone can offer accountability for our customers. We guarantee customer satisfaction with our services. If you’re not happy with your exterior car detailing job, we’ll be sure to provide an extra level of attention to get it done right. Our promise to our customers is key, whether that is an exterior ceramic coating or a situation with deep-rooted smells (hello rotten milk) or other stains that may temporarily go away but then resurface with a vengeance in a day or two. At Cobblestone, we value your business and go above and beyond to make sure our customers are 100% satisfied!

Interior Car Detailing

  • Interior precision. With consistent use of high quality products, your car’s interior has never been in better hands. Meguiar’s Leather Conditioner smooths faux leather, saddle leather and can be used on all interior plastics, doors, dash and vinyl so your vehicle is in tip top shape. Our products are refined and will leave a clean finish without the distraction of an oily finish. We’ll leave your car’s interior spotless.
  • Steam clean glory. The vast majority of stains can be removed with our two-step combination of shampoo and steam cleaning. We shampoo your car’s interior and then use a high-heat water extractor that penetrates deep into the fabric to remove dirt, grime and other contaminants that naturally build up in a vehicle. Addressing small but critical details like elbow grease and other fabric stains will leave your car looking (and smelling!) refreshed and brand new.
  • 3, 2, 1—Bombs away! Whether it’s spilled milk or an old tobacco smell from cigarette smoke, our odor bomb is essential when addressing the tough smells that clout a vehicle. The odor bomb is a chlorine tablet which mixes into a water solvent and when left sealed in the car for one hour releases a gas that airs out bad smells, disinfects bacteria and is completely safe once evaporated. 
  • Pet care woes be gone. Furry friends are always welcomed in our rides, but the mess they leave behind is a chore to clean. Over time, pet hair weaves itself into the vehicle’s fabric and remains stubborn as ever to the point where vacuuming doesn’t cut it. We use a wide range of specialty tools to loosen the pet hair from the grips of the carpet by essentially unthreading it with a stone that’s rubbed in all directions to upend the hair for removal. Travel safe with your canine or feline companions with the confidence that we can tackle any fur they leave behind.
  • Efficiency is our middle name. Every interior car detailing job is different and often depends on the size, make, model and overall condition of the vehicle. Our services provide detailed care for your vehicle, and we spend the necessary time to reach those small, often unnoticed spots such as the air vents where dust accumulates, cornering the crevices of the dash, wiping window switches and more. Our general rule of thumb that we share with customers is to plan to leave your car with us through the end of the day. As soon as it’s done, we’ll give you a call!

Our car detailing services significantly enhance a standard wash and provide in-depth car care for a spotless vehicle. Experience our first-rate services for yourself. Find your nearest full service location today.