Motorists Need to Remember to Watch Out for Bicyclists

Blog | Sep 25, 2016

Arizona promotes healthy living and sustainability of the environment and encourages state residents to do their part. One area that people of all ages enjoy is biking in numerous communities throughout the state. There are huge biking communities at many of the area colleges and universities, including the Arizona State University Campus. Cobblestone Auto Spa is pleased to offer the following tips and suggestions to help raise awareness about bicyclists and what motorists can do to prevent accidents.

  1. Visit car washes to keep your vehicle clean. Dust, dirt, dead bugs, and other debris on your windows can make it difficult to see clearly.
  2. Always check your mirrors after getting into your vehicle and before exiting. Verify the side and rearview mirrors are adjusted correctly so you can see clearly what is next to and behind your vehicle.
  3. Avoid distractions. Never text, put on makeup, or talk on your cell phone while driving.
  4. Always check your blind spots before making lane changes or turning. Even with modern blind spot detection systems, you should not rely upon these, and instead need to check for bicyclists in your blind spots.
  5. Give bicyclists the right-of-way when turning. Bicyclists have the right-of-way if they are traveling forward through the intersection.
  6. Follow posted speed limits in school zones and around university campuses. Driving slower helps prevent accidents and gives you more time to respond should a bicyclist accidently come into your lane.

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