5 Car Maintenance Must-Do’s

Blog | Apr 1, 2024

Caring for a car is not an easy task. From routine oil service to monitoring fluid levels or keeping the exterior clean, owning a car is a big responsibility. The experts at Cobblestone are here to help.

Why is preventative car maintenance necessary? Without it, your vehicle’s longevity is severely impacted over time, potentially leading to premature engine failure. All fluids break down over time, so you need to replenish and revitalize your car’s vital fluids. Changing your old dirty oil with new oil can help keep your oil passages from becoming clogged, starving your engine of oil, and causing premature wear to internal parts such as bearings and rings.

Additionally, flushing your cooling system at recommended intervals with fresh coolant can help keep your car running cool, especially in Arizona’s intense summer heat. There are also other safety concerns that routine maintenance can address, such as poor visibility during a rainstorm due to old wiper blades.

When it comes to maintaining your vehicle, here are five maintenance must-dos that every car owner should implement in their routine:

  1. Get an oil change at Cobblestone. Create a schedule for routine maintenance services. One primary car service includes an oil change, which you should complete every three to six thousand miles depending on the vehicle’s manufacturer guidelines. If you don’t change your car’s oil regularly, the engine will eventually overheat due to friction on the bearings. The experts at Cobblestone have seen scenarios where car owners have not changed the oil on a new vehicle for over 40,000 miles. This led to the oil passages gumming up, resulting in engine failure and eventual replacement. Learn from this lesson and note that negligence of routine maintenance can often be costly! Uplevel your car care with efficient and affordable oil change services at Cobblestone. Not only do technicians complete a full 18-point maintenance inspection, but you can get more bang for your buck with a service that includes a complimentary full-service car wash to clean your vehicle inside and out in a way that only Cobblestone can.
  2. Recharge your air conditioning (AC). Don’t forget the second most important item during the summer—recharging your AC! Extreme heat in the Valley often causes the temperature inside your vehicle to rise well into the 100’s causing your AC System to work much harder. This is why you should have your AC serviced every year to keep your system working at optimal efficiency. The certified technicians at Cobblestone are trained across the board from oil and lube to air conditioning services. With fast and friendly service, the team’s efficiency makes the most of your valuable time. In most cases, Cobblestone will have you in and out in an average of 30 – 45 minutes, with no appointment necessary.
  3. Swap out filters and wiper blades. For Arizona residents dealing with the consistent desert dust, note that air and cabin filters need to be checked or swapped out every 12,000-15,000 miles. With the seasonality changes throughout the year, changing your windshield wipers every six months can ensure you have full visibility during rainstorms, summer monsoons or winter snowstorms.
  4. Monitor fluid levels. By checking your car’s fluids regularly, you’re able to ensure there are no issues, leaks, or corrosion. A few examples to monitor include your vehicle’s transmission fluid, topping off the coolant, power steering, windshield wiper fluid, and differentials if applicable. Coolant is especially important for Phoenix residents because this fluid helps keep the engine cool, which is a key component to your vehicle functioning in peak condition during triple-digit summers.
  5. Wash your car. It may sound obvious, but an important part of your car care routine is ensuring the exterior and interior of your vehicle are cleaned on a regular basis. For example, removing bird poop, dirt and other pollutants with high-pressure water and premium soaps at Cobblestone can preserve the life of your paint. Take it a step further and consider protecting your paint with a ceramic coating—a product that acts as a protective shield atop your car’s exterior surface.

Count on Cobblestone’s expertise to help with routine car maintenance. Cobblestone partners with the Preventative Automotive Maintenance Association (PAMA), an organization dedicated to providing its members with the resources and education to professionally deliver convenient automotive services. The team members at Cobblestone are here to lend their expertise and help you take care of your car!

All in all, maintaining your vehicle’s routine maintenance services, paint and interior will extend your vehicle’s life and value for as long as possible. Learn more about Cobblestone’s preventative maintenance, oil change or car detailing services. Have a question for one of the expert technicians? Find your nearest Arizona location here.