How To Care For Your Car During Winter

Blog | Jan 26, 2024

Bundle up, Coloradans. Harsh winter weather means that taking care of your car is important now more than ever. Cold conditions can take a toll on your vehicle, from corrosive magnesium chloride eroding away protective layers of paint, to storms blanketing the windshield or passengers trudging dirty, slushy snow throughout the inside of the car.

Keeping your car clean on a regular basis not only helps maintain the value of your vehicle, but it also saves you from dropping a pretty penny on an expensive detail service down the line, which can run upwards of $500.

Follow these tips from the professionals at Cobblestone to keep your car in tip top shape throughout the winter season:

  • Wash your car! It sounds counterintuitive, but it’s true: Getting your car washed during the winter months is incredibly valuable. Roads are coated in magnesium chloride this time of year, so there’s no avoiding it. When the chemical comes into contact with your car, it chips away at your vehicle’s paint and eventually rusts the underside when left on for too long. Cobblestone adds specific remover into the soaps during wintertime, so you can rest assured that each wash will remove the magnesium chloride from the surface of your vehicle. Additionally, opting for a premium wash like the Platinum Wash or Carnauba Wax Wash will add even more aggressive soaps and high-pressure water to tackle this issue.
  • Protect paint with a ceramic coating. Cobblestone’s top tier Platinum Wash includes ceramic coating, which is a glaze-like product that serves as a protective shield for your car’s exterior. The ceramic coating bonds directly with the vehicle’s paint, providing a durable layer of protection. Members with unlimited wash plans see an added benefit, too! The beauty of the ceramic product is that it has compounding qualities, which means the more frequently you wash your car, the more the protectant builds on itself. As a result, it gives your car’s exterior reliable protection no matter the season.
  • Crank up the tire pressure. Did you notice your tire pressure light chimed on the moment weather temperatures dropped? Cold temperatures directly impact car tire pressure. Make sure to fill your tires up to the proper PSI to ensure they’re working as best as can be, especially given the level of grip and traction required when driving in hazardous winter weather.
  • Preventative maintenance is key. Are your windshield wipers ready to go to bat against an upcoming snowstorm? Replacing with new quality blades and topping off windshield wiper fluid will give you the tools you need to maintain visibility at all times while driving. Also, don’t forget to clean your headlights! Dirty headlights can decrease your vehicle’s light emission by up to 80%.

Of course, there’s more than just magnesium chloride to deal with on the roads. With safety top of mind, here are a few general tips for making sure you have a smooth drive during the winter season:

  • Equip with winter gear. Stock up on your weather mats, preferably sized for each vehicle. This goes a long way to protecting the interior of your car from the inevitable muddy snow that will be tracked into your car. Other gear such as a spare pair of gloves can be useful at times!
  • Prep your car! Clean the snow off your license plate and avoid getting pulled over for license plate visibility laws in the state of Colorado. Keep necessary items such as an ice scraper or snow-remover in your garage to remove as much snow and ice off your car before you hit the road. The more you can prep your car ahead of your travels, the better off you’ll be.
  • Stay safe. Pack an emergency kit! Properly preparing for the unexpected can be a lifesaver in the long run. Your car kit should include jumper cables, water bottles, a flashlight, roadway cones and heavy blankets. Keep your fuel tank at least three-quarters full or consider bringing an extra gas can if you’re planning to take a road trip into the mountains. Don’t forget to download the Colorado Dept. of Transportation’s mobile app for timely updates on road conditions.

Taking care of your car during the winter months will not only result in a beautifully maintained vehicle, but also lead to a safe journey home. If you have any questions about winter car care tips, the experts at Cobblestone are here to help. Find the nearest Colorado location near you.