How Often Should You Wash Your Car?

Blog | Dec 12, 2023

How often you should wash your car sounds like a fairly intuitive question: Wash it when it gets dirty, right? The short answer is yes. However, the longer you wait to wash your car the harder it is to remove those stubborn stains that will often require costly detailing services.

It’s more than dust or dirt—there are a variety of factors at play that lead to washing your car more often than you might think:

Invest in Regular Upkeep of your Car

Whether you bought a brand new car or a used one, your car is a significant investment. It’s important to take care of your vehicle long-term in order to maintain the resale value. Otherwise, it potentially becomes more costly trying to restore what could otherwise have been more routinely maintained.

At a minimum, a monthly car wash will help reduce built-up debris while improving your car’s pristine paint finish. With the proper care and information, the experts at Cobblestone can help keep your car looking good as new.

Exterior Maintenance

Washing your car more frequently is the first step to exterior maintenance. How many miles you drive, the seasonal factors of your city and where you park your car are also a few factors to consider when thinking about how often to wash your car.

For example, the summer monsoon season in Arizona brings powerful winds, dust and thunderstorms, which takes a toll on vehicles. However, those who reside in Colorado typically wash their car more often during winter months to prevent magnesium chloride on the road from building up on their car. If left uncleaned, this salt can rust the underside of the vehicle and cause significant damage.

Where you park your car is another consideration that people often don’t think about. Leaving your car in areas that easily accumulate built-up debris, such as carports, can also cause significant paint deterioration sooner rather than later.

Think twice before you decide to park your car next to a sprinkler. Calcified water from sprinklers can cause harsh water stains that are stubborn to remove the longer you wait to wash your car.

Did you know that bugs are among the many harmful substances that your car is exposed to? The acidic properties of bug splatter can erode your paint. Not only bugs, but bird poop, tree sap, road tar, gum and air pollutants can all cause routine wear to your car’s exterior paint. Those who live in high elevation communities: Stay extra cautious. Sun rays can cause those foreign substances to cake onto your car. Washing these types of materials off your car as often as possible will protect your paint long-term.

No need to worry because Cobblestone has you covered. Here at Cobblestone, we offer a wide range of car washes that will fit your car’s needs to help it look brand new again!

Interior Car Care

Remember: the sun is not your car’s friend, especially if you live in Arizona. Those powerful sun rays shine through your car’s windshield and bake in the old coffee rings in your cup holder, solidify the soda stains in the fabric or burn in food grease marks atop your car’s center console. Over time, it becomes nearly impossible to remove stains like these without detailing your car.

After cruising through the wash, Cobblestone recommends taking full advantage of their vacuuming services and wiping down the interior of the car! If you stay on top of vacuuming and wiping down your car, you can put off the expensive interior car detailing.

Don’t forget to clean the interior side of your windshield and swap out the wipers when they’ve expired. The last thing any driver needs is to be on the road with streak marks blocking their vision. We recommend wiping this along with your rearview mirrors with a damp microfiber cloth each time you wash your car.

Ultimately, if you’re unsure about whether or not to wash your car—your best bet is yes. Click here to find a Cobblestone near you.