Why Diamond Plate is the Best Car Detailing Service For Your Vehicle

Blog | Oct 27, 2023

It’s summertime season, and you and your family have an epic road trip planned. Just as you hit the open road, storm clouds roll in and rain begins to pour down. But that’s when you notice how effortlessly the dust and water glides off your windshield. The ceramic coating from your car’s detailing service certainly passed the monsoon test — and the results speak for themselves!

Every day in Arizona, your car battles more than just monsoons: bird droppings cake onto your car’s paint, acidic bug guts splatter onto the windshield and overeager sprinklers in the yard leave calcified hard water spots. Because your car’s exterior is exposed to many harsh elements, you’ll want to find a protective solution that lasts long term by a provider you can rely on.

Cobblestone offers a high-quality Diamond Plate service perfect for customers who are seeking superior protection for their vehicle. From thunderstorms to sun damage, this car detailing service offers premium care for your vehicle’s exterior.

Here are just a few benefits of a Diamond Plate detailing service:

Find durable protection with the ceramic coating. Cobblestone uses top of the line products made by industry-leading manufacturer Simoniz for ceramic coating. This product acts as a shield against harsh contaminants like acid rain, sun damage, hard water spots and more. Additionally, the Diamond Plate package includes Vision Blade which is a specific type of ceramic coating unique to windshields to help improve the clarity of the glass and efficiency of wiper blades.

Preserve your paint long-term. Given the diminishing quality of car paint and primer in recent years, customers can often experience issues like color fading and oxidized paint. Especially under the hot rays of the Arizona sun, any car exposed to the ultraviolet (UV) rays in the Sonoran Desert is susceptible to paint issues. The Diamond Plate service is a durable layer of protection for your car’s paint.

Create an easy-to-maintain car. After a car detailing service with Cobblestone, you’ll notice that regular washes go farther for your car. No need to wipe down extra hard water spots or buff out a small scratch — the ceramic coating gives your vehicle that extra layer of protection. Likewise, it’s also easy to extend the life of the ceramic coating on your vehicle with the Reload service. Applied as a spray, this product helps extend the life of the ceramic coating.

Enjoy warrantied security. The Diamond Plate is top of the line when it comes to protecting your vehicle’s surface and is backed by manufacturer warranty for two years. However, this service has seen tested results of protection up to seven years in Arizona. Our expert employees will work with you to assess your vehicle’s condition and provide in-depth detailing service with customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Invest in your car’s longevity. Cobblestone’s extensive car detailing service starts at $600 and varies depending on your vehicle’s condition, size, etc. With long-lasting results, this service is an opportunity to invest in taking care of your car, especially considering the resale value of used vehicles in the market.

When it comes to protecting the exterior of your car, Cobblestone is a reliable provider that will take good care of your car. Learn more about Cobblestone’s exterior car detailing services here.