Maintaining Your Car During Coronavirus

Blog | May 4, 2020

Update as of March 2022: As our overall public health conditions improve and CDC guidelines evolve, Cobblestone is evolving our internal policy and procedures as it relates to the pandemic. While maintaining focus on customer and employee overall health and safety, we have removed our employee mask mandate and leave it optional for both customer’s and employees. However, if a customer is wearing a face covering, our employees will do the same to make sure our customers feel comfortable.

We have also removed plexiglass shields at the cashier area to be more customer-friendly. While these changes are being implemented, employee hygiene and health screenings will still be completed; required at the beginning of their work shift.

We have discontinued our vehicle interior disinfecting fog treatment, but will continue to regularly clean and disinfect our facilities as appropriate.

Proper social distancing is still expected for customers and employees while on Cobblestone property. We also appreciate everyone’s cooperation and awareness of respecting everyone’s personal space and choice.

We highly recommend Cobblestone’s Touch-FREE car washing options which are already available; like our monthly Unlimited Car Wash Plans and our discounted wash books that enable zero-contact service options. You can sign up for a monthly Unlimited Plan or purchase a discounted Wash Book online, or ask a Cobblestone Team Member for more details.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out by emailing

We’ve made some updates to our car washes to ensure the health and safety of our customers and employees. Our modified process includes the same high-quality service from experienced professionals with additional sanitation efforts, a stay-in-your-vehicle wash option and interior car disinfectant.

So, is it safe to take your car to the car wash amidst the COVID-19 pandemic? It certainly is at Cobblestone. Here are a few changes we’ve made to our car washes during coronavirus:

  • A modified full-service car wash. Cobblestone continues to offer full-service car washes, but with a customer option to stay in your vehicle. The result is the same quality wash for your car’s exterior without ever having to leave your vehicle. Looking for touch-free payment options? Purchase a coupon book of washes or an unlimited wash plan and use the barcode sticker on your windshield for contactless payment.
  • New disinfecting fog machines. EPA-certified fog machines are now available to disinfect your car and remove 99% of germs and viruses including coronavirus. After the fogging, employees re-sanitize common touchpoints such as the steering wheel, keys and door handles.
  • PPE. For the safety of everyone, we are providing masks and gloves for our staff. We are asking employees working on interior cleaning and sanitation to also wear masks. Lastly, Cobblestone employees undergo a health check before beginning each shift to make sure no one is ill while at work.
  • Constant sanitation efforts. From the gas pumps, store interiors and self-serve stations, employees are routinely sanitizing every two hours at minimum, including stores open 24/7. Cobblestone has also installed protective glass partitions at convenience store cashier stations and implemented a process to disinfect all items involved in checking out.

For those looking for a DIY stay-at-home car wash option that still has a professional touch, here are a few tips:

  • Use proper soap. Purchase a quality soap. Dishwasher or hand soap will strip your vehicle of any protective wax or paint sealant from your car’s surface, while accelerating the dry out of your car’s paint.
  • No beach towels, please. A soft microfiber towel is your best bet when drying your vehicle. Using a standard beach or bath towel will create micro scratches in the paint.
  • Use soft water whenever possible. Arizona’s calcified water tends to leave hard water stains. Make sure to avoid the air-dry method as well, as that will only make hard water stains more pronounced.
  • Wax on. Use a standard spray-on wax as a finishing touch to add a layer of protection to your car. Any wax option for your car is better than no coating at all.

Cobblestone’s full-service and express car wash options have all been enhanced and are a safe and reliable option. For more information on Cobblestone’s safety efforts and car wash services during coronavirus, visit or call us at (602) 788-9274.