Give Your Vehicle a Fresh Start

Car Tips | Apr 6, 2017

Is your vehicle looking a little run down and needs a fresh start? It’s easy to breathe new life into it with these simple fixes. First and foremost, head down to the car wash and join the estimated 8 million people washing their car on any given day (you’ll be glad you did). Once you are finished with that, consider getting it detailed.

Vehicle detailing can include both interior and exterior enhancements, like paint restoration and fabric protection. Another great way to keep your car looking and feeling fresh is by treating it to routine maintenance and inspections, too.

Have you heard about our unlimited car wash plans? Now you can keep your car sparkling and new all year long! When you join Cobblestone Auto Spa’s unlimited plan, you can receive tons of perks, including 20% off detail services, reward points, free snacks, and much more.

Read on to find out how you can keep your vehicle in tip-top condition. With these quick tips in mind, you will love your car just as much as the day you first drove off the lot.

Give Your Vehicle a Fresh Start