Four Things Which Can Damage Your Car’s Finish

Blog | Jan 15, 2017

The paint on your vehicle is not as durable as you might believe. While car manufacturers apply a clear coat protectant over the paint for an added layer of protection, it can wear off over time, leaving your car’s finish at risk. Let’s look at several things that can damage the finish and how you can prevent accidental damage.

  1. Dust, Dirt, and Pollen – Pollen and dust are very fine particles that can scratch the paint on your vehicle. Dirt can also leave scratches, if not removed properly. To avoid causing damage, never write in or wipe off dust, dirt or pollen from the vehicle when it is dry.
  2. Tree Sap – Sticky tree sap can actually be baked into the car’s finish thanks to the hot Arizona sun. If you notice sap on your car, have it removed using our professional auto detailing service before it is baked in.
  3. Tar – Hot days and hot roads mean tar could end up on the vehicle, especially around the wheel wells. Removing it has to be done carefully using the right products or else you can pull off the paint.
  4. Gasoline – If you spill gas on the side of the car when filling up, it can eat through the wax and clear coat. Plus, once it dries, it can cause staining. Promptly clean up gas spills using detailing spray and a soft cloth.

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