Is Car Wash Triple Foam Really Worth It?

Blog | Jan 3, 2017

You have a lot of different car wash options to choose from when you visit car washes in your area, like single-foam and triple foam applications. With a single-foam application, you get exactly that – either a soap, wax, or window cleaner. Since it is designed for a single purpose, your vehicle may not end up sparkling and shining as well as it would with a triple foam application.

On the other hand, triple foams are specially formulated to provide multiple benefits during the washing and rinsing processes. There are several types of foams a car wash can use and offer its clients, including:

  • Foaming Cleaners and Conditioners – These soaps are uniquely formulated to help remove dust and dirt from the car without damaging the clear coat finish, while at the same time helping the car to shine.
  • Foaming Window Cleaners – These foams are formulated to remove bugs and other stuck-on substances from the vehicle and its windows.
  • Clear Coat Foam Waxes – These waxes contain a variety of protectants, such as carnauba wax, to provide an added layer of protection.

Some triple foam applications could even include a variety of cleaners, conditioners, and waxes all in a single product. If you want the very best results, then paying a bit more for a car wash with triple foam is well worth it. To get your car professionally washed and cleaned, please feel free to visit Cobblestone Auto Spa today or contact us at (602) 788-9274 for directions to our nearest location!