DIY Projects to Keep Your Car Organized

Blog | Feb 2, 2017

To help keep your car organized and clean, as well as add your own personalization, there are several DIY projects you can use to create various items to use in your car during your daily commute and on road trips. Here are a few of our favorites to help get you started:

  1. Small Portable Trash Cans – You can make your own trash can by recycling a dishwasher soap container or find a small trash can or storage container at your local home supplies store.
  2. Plants and Flowers – Put a small flowering plant in one of the spare cup holders. Just remember to select plants that are well-suited for Phoenix’s weather and temperatures.
  3. Sun Shades – Measure a piece of cardboard to fit your windshield and then, using an old bed sheet, secure it around the piece of cardboard. You could also add a thin layer of foam on both sides under the sheet for insulation.
  4. Door Organizers – You can hand a small door organizer over the back of one of the seats to keep items handy, like books and toys for your kids.
  5. Cloth Coolers – Take a small portable cloth cooler with a carrying strap and secure it over the back of one of the seats to have access to cold water and snacks.

To help get your car’s interior detailed and ready for your new DIY organization items, visit one of our Phoenix-area car washes or call Cobblestone Auto Spa at (602) 788-9274 today!