Best Practices to Ensure a Clean Ride Through the Car Wash Tunnel

Blog | Sep 18, 2023

At Cobblestone, our team works diligently to make sure customers have a smooth and efficient ride through the car wash tunnel. With 59 express locations open across Arizona and Colorado (and more on the way!), there are plenty of options to get a quick and high-quality car wash even on your busiest days.

In order to maintain efficient and top-of-the-line service, here are a few tips and best practices for taking your car through the car wash tunnel.

Before you go through the car wash:

• Remove unnecessary objects from your vehicle. Whether it’s routine objects like miscellaneous kid’s toys or your always-packed-and-ready-to-go gym bag, emptying out your car will give you more space to vacuum up pet hair and wipe down the interior without the clutter interruption. Calling all truck owners, here’s your friendly reminder to clear out the bed of your vehicle.

• Check the outside of your car. Double-check that all your car’s doors are opening and closing properly, so that the interior remains dry throughout the car wash. Ensure all windows are rolled up or locked, especially if you’re traveling with children. You don’t want a toddler’s curiosity to lead the inside of your car into becoming a waterpark!

• Be aware of large exterior accessories. For example, bike rack mounts, roof ladders or certain wheelchair lifts may not be able to fit safely in the tunnel wash. Our team may recommend a hand wash or temporarily removing the items if any accessories on the outside of the car deny you entry.

Once your vehicle has been cleared to go through the wash:

• Center your car. By making sure your vehicle is centered in the lane, you’ll be sure to safely sail through the tunnel as quickly as possible. Most sites have yellow stripes to indicate where your car should be centered. If your vehicle is not aligned in the correct position, and you happen to hit the accelerator, it may cause a collision with the tunnel equipment. Our on-site employees will help direct you to ensure your car’s wheels are centered properly.

• Mindfully load your vehicle onto the conveyor belt. If the car wash site has a conveyor belt, please pay attention to the directions on the paddle that our employees hold as they guide you into the tunnel. [LC1] The arrow on the front indicates that the driver needs to turn the car’s wheels to ensure they are aligned properly for the tunnel. Once the car is set up, the employee will flip the paddle over to the opposite side to indicate that the customer can put their car in neutral. Most importantly, come to a complete stop before you put the vehicle in neutral. Otherwise, the vehicle will continue to roll forward and potentially cause an issue with the belt. Trust that our employees will guide you as the customer into the correct position prior to getting in the tunnel!

Finally, these general best practices will have you in and out of the car wash with a sparkling-clean vehicle in no time:

• Pay attention! Don’t succumb to more screen time on your phone. Often, if a customer is distracted on their cell phone while they’re loading into the tunnel, it has resulted in issues. This could look like not coming to a complete stop or not being aware of what gear the car is set in. In the worst case, not paying attention while you’re in the tunnel wash could lead to an accident. By staying off your phone and navigating your car safely, everyone can have a quick—and safe—experience.

• Know that your vehicle will be cared for. Cobblestone utilizes sophisticated sonar technology which maps the defined shape and dimensions of each car in order to customize every tunnel wash and get those hard-to-reach spots. Because of this technology, you don’t need to worry about folding in mirrors on standard vehicles. However, if you have towing mirrors or extensions, it would be a good idea to address those before entering the tunnel.

• Trust the tunnel process. A tunnel car wash at Cobblestone will leave your vehicle looking spotless. The interior brushes are crafted with neoglide fabric. This material is non-porous so no dirt or dust will cling to it, and it is a trusted smooth surface which won’t scratch your vehicle’s paint. Cobblestone makes every effort to operate the tunnels safely. If a particularly heavy vehicle causes the belt to shake or shift, rest assured that the belt will temporarily stop due to safety reasons and there is nothing to be alarmed about. Our trained employees will manage any issue that may come up in a timely manner.

Clean your car in no time with a tunnel car wash at Cobblestone. Find your nearest car wash location here.