Arizona’s Most Scenic Roads (Part I)

Blog | Jul 11, 2016

Scenic roads are much more than those lines with bright, beautiful flowers, pretty multicolored rocks, or other features. Some roadways have historical meanings, while others could be designated as either federal or state scenic roads. In addition, this term could even be used to describe specific byways and parkways within the state.

When you are looking for an adventurous road trip or weekend getaway, consider exploring one of the twenty-seven different scenic roads in Arizona. Any dust or dirt you pick up along the way is easily removed by stopping by a full service car wash.

The roadways are divided into specific geographical locations, depending upon where they are within the state, as follows:

  • North Central
  • Northern
  • Phoenix and Central
  • Arizona West Coast
  • Tucson and Southern

Each of the scenic roads within Arizona could either run the entire distances across the state or be a smaller road segment. Historical and scenic roads within Arizona have one or more of these features:

  • Easy Access
  • No Visual Encroachments
  • Is Unique
  • Has Some Historical Importance
  • Makes a Visual Impression
  • Visual Patterns Flow Harmoniously

The byways and parkways within Arizona that are designated scenic roads, along with the federal designated scenic routes, have one or more of these features:

  • Satisfies Historical or Scenic Criteria
  • Has Visitor Areas/Facilities/Stops
  • Controlled Access to Surrounding Developments
  • There Is a One-Mile (Minimum) Between Access Roads
  • Bicycle and Pedestrian Friendly
  • Currently Is a State Scenic Road with Multiple State/National Importance

In Part II of this blog series we will provide a list of the scenic roadways within Arizona. For all of your exterior and interior car care and detailing needs, stop on by one of Cobblestone Auto Spa’s Phoenix metro locations today, or call (602) 788-9274!