Arizona’s Most Scenic Roads (Part II)

Blog | Jul 11, 2016

In Part I of this two part blog series, we provided a general overview of what scenic roads are, how they are defined, and what features they must possess. In this segment, we will look at some of the actual parkways, byways, historical road, scenic roads, and federal roads found within Arizona for you to explore.

Federal Roadways

  • Route 66
  • Route 179 (Red Rock All-American Road)

Scenic Roadways

  • US 163 (Kayenta Monument Valley)
  • US 60 (Gila Pinal)
  • Route 77 (Copper Corridor East)
  • Route 177 (Copper Corridor West)

Historical Roadways

  • Route 66
  • Route 88 (Apache Trail)
  • State Route 89A (Jerome Clarkdale Cottonwood)


  • US 180 and US 191 (Coronado Trail)
  • State Route 67 (Kaibab Plateau – North Rim Grand Canyon)
  • Forest Service 10, 11, and 883 (Sky Island Parkway)


  • Sky Island Parkway
  • State Route 366 (Swift Trail Parkway)
  • Kaibab Plateau – North Rim Grand Canyon
  • State Route 85 (Organ Pipe Cactus Parkway)

As you can see, several of the above roads fall into multiple scenic road classifications. For instance, Route 66 is both a federal scenic roadway and a historical roadway within Arizona.

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