Wintertime Road Conditions in Arizona

Blog | Nov 11, 2016

Road conditions during the wintertime in Arizona can change quickly. It is important to be prepared for wet, icy, and snowy conditions. While snow is more common in the high country, it can snow in southern Arizona, as well as in the Phoenix area. To help prepare you for wintertime road conditions, Cobblestone Auto Spa is pleased to offer the following tips to help keep you safe.

  1. Have your vehicle serviced. Proper maintenance will help prevent breakdowns during the winter. Bring your car into one of our full-service carwash locations and get the oil changed, have the radiator coolant checked, and get your tire pressure checked.
  2. Allow extra travel time. Snowy and icy road conditions require driving at reduced speeds. It is better to arrive late than risk getting into an accident.
  3. Increase following distances between vehicles. Wet, snowy, and icy roads will require longer stopping distances compared to dry roads.
  4. Turn on your headlights when it is snowing or raining during the day. Even though most modern vehicles have daytime running lights, they do not have daytime tail lights. Turning on the headlights makes it easier for others to see your vehicle on the road.
  5. Check the ADOT website for updates before heading out. ADOT posts road closures, road conditions, and other useful information on their website.

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