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Uncategorized | May 4, 2018

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (May 04, 2018) – Cobblestone Auto Spa, a premium car wash that prides itself on being a Valley leader in quality, service and value, is partnering with Treasures 4 Teachers to provide classroom support for Arizona’s educators. Through mid-June, Cobblestone will donate a portion of its proceeds from every sale of its “Buy Four Get Two” booklet to Treasures 4 Teachers, a valuable and member-based resource for Arizona teachers in need of classroom supplies.

“The plight of teachers has been illustrated in historical fashion this spring, further punctuating the funding holes our educators regularly fill in with their own paychecks,” Tuck Bettin, Cobblestone’s general manager, said. “We want to do what we can to help support the people who are making an impact on young lives every single day, and hopefully make it easier for them to have the supplies they need when they need it.”

Cobblestone’s donations towards the Treasures 4 Teachers program will help fund the organization’s scholarship fund, which covers the yearly membership fee educators pay to access the supplies that are made available to them. Educators are able to peruse through supplies that are donated to Treasures 4 Teachers by local businesses and other educators to find supplies for special projects or every day needs without the financial burden that comes with purchasing the supplies at a traditional retailer.

Sadly, many educators struggle to afford the $35 membership fee that gives them access to all that Treasures 4 Teachers has to offer.

“We know our clients, and we know they’ll feel good about giving back to our teachers after all they give every day in the classroom,” Bettin said. “We’re hopeful that this donation program is one small part of a bigger solution for our state’s educators.”

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