Top Four Father’s Day Gifts for Car Lovers

Blog | Jun 11, 2016

Whether it’s aftermarket mods, the latest car accessories, or services like car detailing at the car wash, there are hundreds of products that appeal to auto enthusiasts. If you have your heart set on getting your auto enthusiast dad a gift that appeals to his favorite hobby this Father’s Day, consider these popular options:

  • Tool set – If your father loves to spend his Sunday afternoons in the garage or with his car parked under a shade tree with the hood up, a new set of socket wrenches, jumper cables, or other tool kits will earn you a nod of approval from the paterfamilias on Father’s Day.

Car detailing

  • Smartphone dash mount – Give your dad an easy way to manage his smartphone in his vehicle by purchasing a dash mount for his device. A dash mount will keep your father from having to fumble with his phone while trying to use navigation or voice calling options. Using suction cups and gel, these gadgets are easy to install and won’t damage the vehicle. Just remember to give him the lecture about distracted driving.
  • NASCAR tickets – For dads who spend every weekend watching the races on television, a chance to go to Talladega or Indianapolis to see the real thing is one of the best gifts they could ever receive. Buy two tickets and spend a little quality time with your dad, watching him enjoy one of his favorite pastimes.
  • Car wash and detailing – Give your dad the chance to pamper his baby. By purchasing gift cards or vouchers from your nearby car wash and detailing service, you can give your dad the chance to have his favorite car professionally cleaned and refreshed inside and out.

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