Tips for Keeping Your Car Clean in the Winter

Blog | Nov 25, 2016

Wintertime weather puts your car through a wide range and types of weather. From wet and snowy to dry and dusty, you will quickly notice the effects of winter by how dirty and dingy your vehicle starts to look. Keeping  your car clean does not have to cut into your weekend football game time or other free time when you would rather be doing something else than washing your vehicle.

Cobblestone Auto Spa has several Phoenix-area car washes where you can bring your car in on your way to or from work to wash away all of the winter dirt, dust, and debris and restore it to a sparkling shine. Besides regular car washes, other things you can do to help keep your car clean include:

  1. Protect the clear coat and finish by getting your car waxed.
  2. Install rubber mats with recessed areas to trap snow and water.
  3. You can also put heavy towels over the carpet and under the rubber mats to help absorb water.
  4. Put cloth seat covers with a plastic/vinyl backing over the seats to protect upholstery.
  5. Have special protectants sprayed on steel and alloy wheels.
  6. Have stain guard and other protectants sprayed onto carpeting and upholstery.

For more tips to help keep your car clean this winter, stop on by one of our Cobblestone Auto Spa locations or call us at (602) 788-9274 and ask about our holiday and promotion offers!