Soccer and Sports Moms and Dads: How to Keep Vehicles Clean

Blog | Aug 11, 2016

Now that school is back in session, sports and soccer moms and dads are going to be busy transporting team members to games and tournaments. This means their kids will be tracking dirt and grass into their minivans, SUVs, and other vehicles. Not to mention, for those away games, kids of all ages will want to stop and get food to go to enjoy on the ride back home, which means accidental spills are bound to happen. Ugh! How do you keep vehicles clean?

Let’s not forget that, after a long day of playing soccer and other sports, your kids will be sweaty and climb into the seats in the vehicle. Cloth upholstery will absorb the dampness from uniforms and trap it in the seats, where it can start to smell like a locker room. Even if you have leather upholstery, the wetness from the sweat can damage the leather over continued exposure.

The easiest way to keep vehicles clean and smelling fresh throughout the sports season is with auto detailing services available from your Phoenix area Cobblestone Auto Spa. We offer a wide range of vehicle solutions and packages to fit your budget. Find your nearest Cobblestone car wash location, and stop on by today, or give us a call at (602) 788-9274. We even have a quiet waiting area for parents to rest and relax in while you wait, should you want some time away from your kids.

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