Roadtrip Checklist: How to protect your car for a summer road trip

Car Care | Jun 14, 2022

Summer is in full effect here in Arizona. Are you ready to hit the road for your next summer adventure? 

Whether it’s a couple of days on the road to visit family or a cross-country venture, road trips are a must-have item on the summer agenda. 

Because every trip is unique, we’ve put together a road trip checklist of car maintenance essentials you will need to stay safe no matter where you’re headed to. Keeping these tips in mind while you plan your next trip will make for a safer, more enjoyable ride. 

Car Wash & Detail

First and foremost – get your car washed! 

Nothing beats a clean and comfortable car, especially if you are going to be in a vehicle for extended periods of time. A quick Express Exterior Car Wash and use of Cobblestone’s free vacuums will do the trick. 

Save the deep cleaning and detailing for when you get back. That way you can remove all of the dirt, mud and rain that your car might’ve endured throughout your trip. It’s best to get it done sooner rather than later because of the acidic and alkaline properties that bugs and bird poop contain. They will eat away at your paint the longer it sits on your car. 

An essential car detail service to think about getting is headlight restoration. If you are living in Arizona, you are very familiar the harsh UV rays and how they can negatively impact your vehicle when it sits out in the sun too long. Headlight restoration improves the performance of your headlights with Cobblestone’s expert sanding and polishing techniques. 

This Arizona heat tends to eat away at more than just your headlights – windshield wiper blades also need to be replaced regularly. Be sure to get them replaced before heading on your next road trip in case you run into some bad weather. 

Oil & Lube

The last thing you would want to happen while you’re on a road trip is for your car to break down. Complete engine failure may happen if you go long enough without getting your oil changed. To avoid this and give yourself peace of mind, get a fresh oil change before you leave. This includes checking essential fluids like coolant and windshield wiper fluid and testing the battery.

Standard synthetic blend oil changes are due every 3,000 miles, while a full synthetic oil change is due every 6,000 miles. 

Complimentary Services

Here at Cobblestone, our experienced crew members perform an 18-point inspection with every oil change service. This service includes, but is not limited to, checking maintenance intervals for transmission, coolant, power steering, and fuel system services as well as checking your tire pressure and the belt life on your vehicle. Cobblestone also offers free A/C system inspections, ensuring that it does not need to be charged or require freon throughout your trip. 

For any additional car maintenance necessities, it is recommended that you go to a reputable vehicle repair shop and get your brakes and tire tread checked.

Regular car maintenance is important not just for a summer road trip but throughout the life of your car. In fact, a well-maintained vehicle can last upwards of 300,000 – 500,000 miles.

So there they are – our road trip checklist to help prepare you for your next adventure. Now you’re ready to hit the road!