Keep Your Leased Car Clean All Year Round!

Blog | Jun 25, 2017

Leasing a vehicle requires that you maintain it for the duration of the lease. This not only means you must have the vehicle serviced at required intervals for oil changes and tire rotations but, also, keep the interior and exterior clean.

If you fail to properly maintain your leased vehicle, you can be charged fees at the end of the lease due to what dealers consider, “excessive wear and tear,” which includes damage to the upholstery, stains on the carpeting and seats, and scratches, dents, and dings on the car’s exterior.

The best way to avoid being charged fees at the end of your lease is to keep your leased car clean year-round using these tips and suggestions:

1.    Wash and wax the car often. Regular washes and waxing help preserve the “like-new” appearance of the car.
2.    Vacuum and clean the interior weekly. Doing this task weekly helps find stains sooner rather than later when they are more difficult to remove.
3.    Purchase a full-service car wash and car detailing package. If you dislike washing and waxing or keeping the interior clean, these packages are great investments.
4.    Avoid eating/drinking beverages in the car. You can prevent accidental spills and stains from occurring by sticking to this rule.
5.    Treat your leased vehicle like a rental vehicle. Since you are essentially renting the vehicle anyway, use the same level of care you would when you rent a car.

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