Why You Should Get Hot Wax Service on Your Car

Car Tips | May 30, 2017

To many people, waxing their cars seems like a worthless auto body project. The truth, however, is that detailing practices such as car waxing have many benefits with some positively impacting performance and safety. Waxing is one of the ways to improve your car’s durability and help it maintain its brand-new look.

Research has shown that most people wax their cars mostly for aesthetic value rather than for the protective reasons. Although one may decide to wax his/her car right at home, there are several car detailing companies that provide these services professionally. Consulting such a company will give you the best hot waxing results because they have waxing experts with great mastery of their work.

Here are some of the reasons why you need a hot wax car wash:

1. Protect your car against abrasion and scratches

Owning a car means you have to put up with dings, dents, scratches and other forms of wear and tear. Car waxing is one of the best ways to prevent these damages, though not entirely, but it can give better effects than most paints and primers. Clear wax coat seals the paint and shelters against exhaust, UV light, bird doo, grit and sand.

In addition, the reflective nature of this wax helps reduce excessive heating of the car especially when it’s packed. This is more common among black cars in which you have to switch on the air conditioner quite often during sunny days as a result of excessively high internal temperature.

2. Protect your car paint

A hot wax car wash creates a barrier between elements and your car’s paint. It shields the car from minor physical abuse such as scraping by grime and grit during washing. In addition, it makes washing much easier. For dark colored cars, an additional waxing annually gives better results. This additional waxing provides more protection and reduces the appearance of a webbing look after washing.

You will also notice a high gloss to the car’s paint making it even more attractive. Failure to maintain the exterior of your car will lead to discoloration of the paint especially if it’s bright. This could reduce the value of your car if you intend on selling it; it could even fail to attract any serious buyer.

3. Reduce costs of car refinishing and repairs

If you lease a car, an inspection will be done at the end of the lease period. If the dealership examines the car detail and notices substantial damage such as scratches, paint issues or discoloration, you will be required to pay for the damages. Therefore, hot waxing the car can help avoid some of these issues which may end up costing you more money to cover the resulting damage.

For the car owners, detailing can be one of the best ways to prevent any serious breakdown. It helps you notice a problem early enough so that it is dealt with before it deteriorates and becomes excessive.

4. Become a better driver by taking good care of your car

Research has shown that people who take good care of their cars drive safely. This theory makes sense because owners of clean and well-managed cars are likely to change fluids on time to ensure that the cars run smoothly. You may find out that such people always take their cars for full detailing and car wash in professional car detailing centers such as Cobblestone Auto Spa. Therefore, investing in good care of your car is investing indirectly in your safety.

You are supposed to ensure that your car is favorable to both you and any passenger on board. Proper maintenance of your auto boosts your confidence as you drive and other motorists give you respect as compared to a muddy or dusty car with loud screeching sounds. To an extent, this could even bother them and may cause disturbances on the road making it unsafe to drive.

5. Technological advancement

It is no doubt that a hot wax car wash has immense benefits in improving the conditions of your car and saves you money. Advanced technology has made this task much easier and faster so you don’t have to spend a whole Sunday afternoon waxing your car. Modern synthetic formulations give a good finish and apply quickly and easily. You can now even wax your car twice a year or more.

When Should You Get Your Vehicle Waxed?

Before you wax your car, you need to keep a few things in mind. Even though there are many ways on how to do this, it is important to be knowledgeable on a few waxing methods so that you can pick one that is best for you. This is to ensure that your car benefits fully from the waxing.

One thing to help you know if your car needs waxing is its environment. If your car is mostly in a parking garage or enclosed outdoor parking where it is well-protected from elements, then waxing it roughly twice or more a year would be enough to keep it in shape. But if your car is often exposed to elements, maybe because you are always on the road or because it is mostly parked outside in the open, you will need to have it waxed around three or four times a year. Rain, road salt, debris, ultraviolet rays, industrial pollution, bird droppings and dust particles are all elements that negatively affect your car’s paint slowly by slowly.

The other factor is the age of your car and how well it’s cared for. New cars don’t need much waxing work because their paintwork is still new. But if you purchased a used car which is a few years old and the paintwork looks dull or drab, you will need some regular polishing and waxing to restore it back to life. Another factor to consider is the wax you use. Some waxes will last several months while others will easily come off.

Car waxing is done commonly during sunny days because of the favorable weather setting. However, even during cold days, waxing may be recommended. It is important to note that waxing today can be done in virtually any weather condition because detailing experts have strategies that make it possible.

Most people across the nation wax their cars during hot days to protect their car’s paint against harsh heat, and during cold days to protect their cars from looking drab. Here in Arizona, waxing experts have techniques and strategies to work around all types of weather patterns. So, never worry what you hear people saying out there. Instead, visit a professional car detailer and seek their advice on whether it’s time to have your car waxed or not depending on its current state.

It is good to note that there is always a challenge in waxing your car if it is old or dilapidated. At times, you will need to visit a car detailing center to improve the condition of your car before waxing commences. Car detailing is performed routinely with an aim to maintain the car’s original appearance. Once the car is newly washed and a good waxing is done on it, it looks great and it continues to shine if it is routinely taken care of.

The car may not look exactly the same as it was in the showroom, but consistent detailing will greatly improve its appearance. If you are not sure of a reliable detailing center to visit, you can search “car detailing near me” online to get assistance. In conclusion, it is crucial to know the right waxing temperature to help you keep your vehicle shining with a brand-new look.

What Does Waxing Do to Your Vehicle?

Exterior application of wax or other protectants to your vehicle reduces the breakdown of the clear coat that guards the paint. In case of bleached integrity of the clear coat, the paint is exposed to road salt, oxidation and other factors that will eventually damage it. Detailers argue that manufacturer-applied clear coat protection can be boosted by wax or sealant or other protectants, such as Teflon or polymer, and other waxes made of naturally occurring wax such as beeswax.

Get Hot Wax Service on Your VehicleThe basic idea in waxing is to place a “superficial layer” that will take any abuse that could destroy the clear coat. The wax used has reflective properties and is responsible for the shining and appealing look that most people love on their cars. Besides the reflecting ability of this wax and the beautiful shine that comes with it when applied, it also shields your car from over-heating by the sun. Additionally, proper application of wax will cover light blemishes or small scratches.

Detailers further explain that when the protection provided by the wax and clear coat is bleached, oxidation occurs. The combination of heat and oxygen will eventually erode even the toughest vehicle paint. Detailers who have experience in auto detailing recommend that you need to keep your car clean always and apply wax twice yearly at least.

When NOT to Get Your Vehicle Waxed

Despite the enormous advantages of waxing your car, things could go wrong if you fail to observe the following various requirements.

  • First, you should avoid waxing your car when it is turned on. This will make the wax not to function properly since the car will be too hot. It is therefore recommended that you first turn off the engine and allow it to cool down. An excessively hot day also is not ideal for waxing. Even though hot car wax is preferred by some detailers, the actual temperature of the surrounding and that of the car itself should not be equally hot.

Alternatively, you can wax your car in the shade. Otherwise, too much sun will bake the wax onto the car. As a result, the wax becomes extremely difficult to remove and eventually does more harm than good on your paint coating.

  • Second, avoid waxing your car during an extremely cold day. Cold temperatures make the movement of the wax difficult. However, cold waxes are available which should be cold before they can be used.

In conclusion, there is always a way to wax your car whether you are doing it in cold or hot temperatures. It is recommended that you choose a temperature that is comfortable. Extreme temperatures will either make waxing difficult to apply or remove.

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