Does Rain Damage My Car’s Paint?

Blog | Apr 13, 2023

April showers bring more than just flowers! Rain can damage your car’s paint faster than you might think. While raindrops themselves don’t necessarily pose a threat to your car’s surface, what many don’t realize is that it’s the pollutants and contaminants left behind that can cause damage—whether that’s impacting the quality of your vehicle’s paint or dramatically dulling its shine.

Acid rain and dirty rain are two types of damaging weather that can impact your vehicle. Acid rain has similar effects as hard water spots which can permanently etch through your car’s paint. While it’s not common in Arizona or Colorado, be mindful of this in future forecasts and avoid at all costs. Often times (especially in the desert!) our customers see dirty rain contaminated with dust and dirt particles leaving mud on top of their vehicle. After the dirt sits on the car’s surface and dries in the hot sun, the contaminants bake into your clear paint coat which leads to micro-scratches and the dulling of your vehicle’s paint over time.

How can you protect your car amid a springtime shower season? At Cobblestone, we recommend the following for people who want quality car care:

Routinely wash your vehicle! Many don’t realize that washing your car before and after a rainstorm benefits your car. Plus, with the current Super Bloom in Arizona, regularly washing your car will remove sticky pollen that, when dried, can cause damage to your car’s paint. From enjoying a clean car to staying ahead of the game with car paint protection and preventative care, there’s never a downside to washing your vehicle!

Polish your car. The best way to prevent future damage to your vehicle’s paint is to regularly wax and polish your car. This process adds an extra layer of coating atop your car’s surface to protect it from hard water spots, ultra-violet (UV) rays and more. Watch as raindrops glide off your windshield from products like Rain-away, which acts as a water repellent. The best car washes that include these premium products are Cobblestone’s Platinum Wash which includes ceramic glaze and the Ultimate Wash that includes Carnauba Wax. While less premium, the Works Wash and the Supreme Wash options also feature a clear coat protectant.

Invest in premium car care. Whether you are looking for the hand-applied ceramic coating ($100) or the top-notch Diamond Plate ($600), Cobblestone offers a variety of premium services which will take your exterior car care to the next level. While the Platinum Wash wax will last for 30 days, the Diamond Plate service is backed by a manufacturer warranty guaranteed to protect your car for up to two years.

Get an unlimited membership. Stress and water spots be gone! With an unlimited wash plan, you’ll never have to worry about the weather forecast and can sleep soundly knowing that you can get your car washed again and again for one flat monthly price. Frequent washes will keep your car sparkling clean and offer car paint protection from long term paint damage caused by rain and dust storms.

Bring your car in for a wash today at Cobblestone. Find the closest location near you or learn more about which full service car wash or express car wash is right for you.