Cobblestone Auto Spa is Working to Preserve the Environment

Blog | Feb 24, 2012

Cobblestone Auto Spa Cares About Our Environment and Yours

At Cobblestone Auto Spa we are committed to doing our part to conserve our natural resources and make our environment cleaner and safer for future generations. All of us would like to protect the planet we share.

As you already know that at Cobblestone Auto Spa our goal is to give our customers the cleanest and shiniest vehicles in the Phoenix metropolitan area, but did you also know that using Cobblestone Auto Spa is the most environmentally responsible way to clean your vehicle? It’s true; a professional tunnel carwash like Cobblestone Auto Spa requires far less water to clean your car than you would need if you washed it at home in your driveway. Plus, unlike driveway washing that has soapy water and debris run off into the storm water system, all the water used at Cobblestone Auto Spa is either reclaimed or sent directly to our sewage system without being released untreated into the environment.

When looking for an earth-friendly carwash choice, we invite you to consider the following:

  • Washing your car at home with a 5/8” hose running at 50 pounds per square inch of pressure uses about 10 gallons of water per minute. The average flow rate at a professional tunnel carwash like Cobblestone Auto Spa is only 3 gallons per minute.
  • Driveway washing releases dirty water and soap directly into the storm water system. This leads to pollution of our rivers, streams and ground water.
  • The water that is used at Cobblestone Auto Spa goes directly to sewage treatment facilities, where it has toxins removed before being released back to the environment.
  • The high pressure nozzles and pumps used at a professional carwash like Cobblestone Auto Spa allow us to clean vehicles in less time, using less water and less energy.
  • Cobblestone Auto Spa uses state of the art computer controllers to operate its equipment with to-the-inch precision. This equipment allows us to use water and electricity with greater efficiency.
  • Our computer controller also has several features that allow us to use electricity more efficiently. For example, when a vehicle leaves our dryer station, a special “look ahead” feature in our controller will determine if it’s more energy efficient to turn the dryer off, or leave it on if another vehicle is approaching. (Restarting a dryer creates a “spike” in the consumption of electricity, so if an approaching vehicle is close enough, allowing the dryer to continue operating uses less energy than shutting it down and restarting it.)
  • By keeping your car clean with regular visits to Cobblestone Auto Spa, you’ll also be doing something nice for the environment. When you have your car cleaned by Cobblestone Auto Spa, dirt, debris and harmful chemical residues on the vehicle surface are removed safely, rather than running off into the storm water system with the next rainfall.

You and Cobblestone Auto Spa…, Together, we can keep your cars clean and our planet green!.