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2021 S Alma School Rd, Chandler, AZ 85286
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Monday: 7am to 6pm
Tuesday: 7am to 6pm
Wednesday:   7am to 6pm
Thursday: 7am to 6pm
Friday: 7am to 6pm
Saturday: 7am to 6pm
Sunday: 7am to 6pm

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Monday: 7am to 8pm
Tuesday: 7am to 8pm
Wednesday:   7am to 8pm
Thursday: 7am to 8pm
Friday: 7am to 8pm
Saturday: 7am to 8pm
Sunday: 7am to 8pm

Convenience Store & Gas Station
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Chandler, AZ Information

City of ChandlerThe city of Chandler Arizona is one of those cities of U.S which have fastest growing rate in terms of population as well as economy. The city features a lot of resorts, family oriented activities, and tourism related facilities and vacation spots. The golf facilities of the Chandler city are renowned in the whole world and people come here especially to enjoy golf and others sports activities.

Not to mention the cuisine and deliciousness in the dishes here is just finest in the whole Arizona state. This city is a sunny place where a warm climate is always there to welcome the visitors and the tourist whole year around. Well, all in all, this city is a must visit when you are travelling to Arizona.

Chandler Arizona is also famous for its parties and festivals which are featured all year around. You can visit the city in any month of the year as the weather is always great and you can also bring your children for a family tour. The city offers a full fledge collection of festivals which are the real color of the city. Check out the following festivals that can be a great way of entertainment for your friends and family members when you visit the beautiful and vibrant city of Chandler Arizona.

Downtown Block party

This festival features live performances from the famous artists and musicians. A lot of local and community artists also take part in the downtown block part festival. Hence, this city is full of colors and these festivals are the real reason people come to Chandler for having best experiences of festive days and celebrations.

Jazz festival

If you are a jazz lover, Chandler will make you happy with this extra ordinary festival where jazz bands and musical instruments create a supernatural evening during the Jazz Festival. A lot of indoor and outdoor venues are selected by the city authorities to make sure that people can choose between them according to their preferences. The best thing about this Jazz festival is that all performances, concerts, activities and fun are free of cost. The government doesn’t charge the people who enjoy the festival. You can also visit the famous art and musical galleries for another memorable experience of the city.

Ostrich festival

The city of Chandler is also famous for its top of the world ostrich festival in which the ancient history of ostrich ranching is renewed. In every march, the ostrich festival is organized for raising the creatures. Thousands of people visit the city in order to be a part of this colorful festival. The three day celebrations include a lot of ostrich oriented activities like races, ostrich featured activities and a lot of other entertainment options. You can have best dining experiences and buy arts related to the ambiance of the festival during the celebrations. This is among the most followed festival in the Chandler Arizona.