This is next-level clean.

Sunny days should mean shiny cars. So, throw down that bucket of soap and water and treat your car-and yourself-to the kind of clean only Cobblestone can provide. From our premium tech and superior car care products to free vacuums, microfiber towels, and top-notch service, the Cobblestone experience will keep your car gleaming inside and out.

Wash all you want and save.

If you’ve lived in Denver for more than a week, you know the weather can change in an instant. That’s why here more than anywhere, our unlimited wash options are an amazing deal. These are just a few of the things unlimited members enjoy:

Reliable service

Cobblestone provides timely, efficient, and high-quality car care. The perks of being an unlimited member include special upgrade offers, contactless service options, and a members-only lane at the majority of our locations for faster service.

A variety of plans

Whether you’re interested in just the basics or want to pull out all the stops, every one of our plans is great for routine car care.

Budget-friendly service

All of our unlimited plans across the board cost less than two car washes per month. Come in a few times and they pay for themselves!


Wash your car as often as you want, no matter what the weather is. Or take a road trip without worrying about bug splatter or bird poop harming your paint in the long term. With an unlimited plan, you can go straight to the wash without a second thought!

No contract

Manage your plan at any time with no contracts or hidden fees.

Wash and be on your way.

Time-efficient, high-quality washes are our specialty. The team at Cobblestone is ready to clean and polish your vehicle in a flash with a ton of express options:

Platinum Wash

Our top-tier express car wash uses a 4-step platinum process including a ceramic glaze, the ultimate wax and paint protectant.

  •  STEP 1 | Foam Bath
  •  STEP 2 | Dynamic Clean
  •  STEP 3 | Ceramic Glaze
  •  STEP 4 | Diamond Bright
Carnauba Wax Wash

Starts with an aggressive pre-soak foam bath and ends with next-level wax protection.

  • Foam Bath
  • Carnauba Wax
Polish & Shine

Go for an upgrade with premium waxes, protectants, and polishes.

  • Surface and Glass
  • Triple Foam Polish
  • Clear Coat Protectant
Basic Wash

Down and dirty, it gets you sparkling clean.

  • Presoak & Bug Remover
  • Spot Free Rinse
  • Tire & Wheel Cleaner
  • High-Pressure Top Blaster

Give your car the TLC it deserves. Discover the Cobblestone difference.