Become a winter warrior.

Ever feel like you’re caught in an endless cycle of slush and snow? Yep, winter in Colorado can be downright taxing—for you AND your car. In addition to cold and wet conditions, salted roads wreak havoc on your car’s frame, body panels, paint, and wheels.

Protect your car from long-term damage.

When it comes to washing road salt off your car, don’t get salty—get proactive. Regular washing—even during snowy seasons—is essential. Cobblestone’s menu of services is designed to keep your car shiny and protected year-round. Here’s how.

Top-notch tunnel wash

Magnesium chloride (also known as the salt on the road) will erode the metal beneath your car’s exterior if not washed off every two to three days. Our powerful tunnel washes will ensure the removal of salt from your car. Best of all, you stay in the warmth of your car the entire time.

Heaters on blast

Cobblestone’s thorough tunnel wash technology uses two types of heaters to warm the inside of the tunnel and keep the equipment warm and operating smoothly. High-speed doors open and close quickly to create a warm, cozy room clocking in at about 100 degrees Fahrenheit during our premium washes: Polish & Shine, Carnauba Wax, and Platinum Wash.

Solutions for salt

Our signature pre-soak foam bath comes with our Carnauba Wax and Platinum washes. Paired with high-pressure wheel blasts, this is the strongest cleaner to help prepare your car for the perfect wash. Our “blue soap” foam is formulated to attack and remove the magnesium chloride buildup off your car and will also help to loosen snow sludge, dirt, and other contaminants. Additionally, the ceramic glaze in our Platinum wash adds an extra layer of protection atop your vehicle each time it is applied, repelling icy rain and helping to increase visibility on the road.

Reliable Service

Yes, we’re open when it’s cold! While some of our competitors may be forced to close during snowfall or other freezing conditions, Cobblestone is open and here to provide support for our customers when they (and their cars!) need it most. Roll through the wash after a snowstorm to help keep salt off your car.

Unlimited Wash Options

In our extensive experience, we recommend going no longer than two or three days with magnesium chloride on your car before washing it off. Our unlimited wash memberships will provide you with the most bang for your buck and allow you to wash, clean, and dry your vehicle as often as you want to help keep its value as long as possible.