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15816 N Pima Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85260
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Scottsdale, AZ Information
Scottsdale Arizona
The city of Scottsdale Arizona is located in the east of Maricopa country with an estimated population of more than 226,919 people. It is often named a desert version of the famous beach of Miami due to its awesome ambiance and party nature. The city is popular for being most western in the Arizona state with open minded people and loving weather of the town. The dining, shopping and entertainment activities of the city are mind blowing and you might not find such a welcoming attitude anywhere else in the whole America.

Well, the Sonoran desert and the best studios of the city of Scottsdale Arizona are best in their features. If you ever happen to visit this beautiful city, don’t forget to visit the Frank Lloyd Wright’s desert studio. A lot of activities that are family oriented are also available in the town like historic horse ride at the MacDonald’s Ranch can be the best experience you have with your family and children. Have a look at some of the following tourist attractions which the city of Scottsdale offers:

Butterfly Wonderland

If you are in the city of Scottsdale and you haven’t seen Butterfly wonderland, you are definitely missing something very special. It is a place which is transformed into a rain forest indoors. Definitely this is not a real rain forest but it looks like real with a lot of butterflies and beauty. This wonderland is home to worlds most beautiful butterflies and no doubt it holds the biggest colony of butterflies too. It has a 3D theatre which features butterflies and their life. The live ant colony is just worth watching and your kids will love the way this place is designed. It is a supernatural experience for anyone who has a love for the nature.

Contemporary Art Museum

The Scottsdale city also offers a variety of art galleries and sculpture art areas which are no doubt the best in their features. A lot of worlds famous art pieces are a part of this Contemporary Museum and many international exhibitions are held at the place. The local community of writers, painters and musicians create a memorable imagination for the visitors using their art and talents. If you are an art lover, this museum is a worth visit place of this beautiful city of Scottsdale.

MacDonald’s Ranch

This is another place for tourists in Scottsdale which is actually a valley where you can ride on worlds famous horses. This is basically a horse riding stable which also offers coach rides, horse rides and live entertainment options for families and children. This is a full family fun oriented place where you can enjoy parties, gatherings and festivals related to horse riding. This is a perfect place for a family reunion and a lot of people from all over the America visit this place every year.